Star Wars: The Old Republic High Volume Server Queue Issues Are Being Addressed By BioWare


Posted December 21, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

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If you've been having problems logging in to your server of choice in BioWare's epic MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, be aware that the company is aware of the problem and working on fixing these queue issues. Stephen Reid, the Senior Online Community Manager for SW: TOR posted a message on the official SW: TOR forums today letting users know that they're working on the long queue times for the game.

"Many of you who are already playing on these servers are asking for solutions, and we understand your frustration. At this time we can only ask for your patience. Population caps are being gradually raised on these servers, but raising them too fast will create an influx of new players and perpetuate the problem," Reid said.

He went on to mention, "We do not expect the queues to alleviate on these servers for the foreseeable future. If you do not want to queue, you should consider playing on another server, many of which have very low or no queues."

He mentioned that the company has no intention to lock servers, as they want players to game with their friends, but if you join a server that's full, you should be ready to wait upwards to an hour (or more) to play the game.

Here's a list of the servers that Reid strongly advises you not to play on unless you're willing to wait in the queue.

US-based servers
The Harbinger – US West Coast - PvE
The Swiftsure – US West Coast - PvP
The Fatman – US East Coast - PvP

EU-based servers
Bloodworthy – EU English - PvP
Frostclaw – EU English - PvE
Legions of Lettow – EU English - PvP
The Red Eclipse – EU English - PvE
Tomb of Freedom Nadd – EU English - PvP
Darth Revan's Mask – EU German - PvP
Darth Traya – EU German - PvP
Jar'Kai Sword - EU German - PvP
Hrakert Rift – EU French - PvP

BioWare doesn't have an ETA for when server transfers will be available. If you make a character on a certain server, you're essentially stuck there for the time being unless you want to start over. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, with a game that has only officially been launched for one day, but some folks who had early access are already at the max level of the game and don't want to have to wait in line to play. Clearly the solution is to pick a more open server for your group of friends, but when whole guilds decide to call a server their home, it's not so easy to just pick up and leave.

I've got two characters, one of which is on The Harbringer server and I do have to wait almost an hour each time I want to play. However, my other character is on a realm that isn't on this list, and that wait is still around 30 minutes. Even though Reid listed these servers, there are still dozens that aren't listed with wait queues which many players find unacceptable.

If you've found your home on one of these high volume servers, what do you do while you wait to login? I've been drawing a lot more, and trying to look up the best build for my characters, but I just want to play!

Source: SW: TOR forums

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Star Wars: The Old Republic High Volume Server Queue Issues Are Being Addressed By BioWare


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