Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Details: Introducing Gang Wars


Posted December 15, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3
is the first entry in franchise history to include multiplayer. The mode will be called Gang Wars and like the game's single player mode, it will follow a strong narrative, making it somewhat different than most multiplayer offerings.

In Gang Wars, a typical match, according to Charlie Bewsher, the lead designer of Max Payne 3's multiplayer, the focus could be a drug deal gone wrong and it's up to you to collect duffle bags filled with cash and get them back to safety points. It's kind of objective based multiplayer with a narrative twist.

Plus, as the mission changes, it will take point on events of the preceding round to give you your next task, kind of like in Brink. The next round could place a bounty of the head of the previous round's most deadly player, or have you defusing bombs on your new territory if you captured the most land in the previous round.

In Gang Wars, some of the objectives will reward individualism, while other rewards will encourage working with a team, making for more dramatic comebacks.

Gang Wars will also include a new feature called Bursts, which are kind of like perks. They are abilities you can unlock as you get experience. Some Bursts include the staple Bullet Time mechanic, that we all know and love from the Max Payne series. But others, like Paranoia, alter the player's perception and makes their opponents see their teammates as enemies.

Each Burst can be upgraded twice, and the more you wait to use the Burst, the stronger it becomes. These are just a taste of all the Bursts that you'll be able to unlock in Gang Wars. They sound pretty cool right off the bat.

Are you excited to get your hands on some Max Payne 3 multiplayer? The game is out for the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 on March 6, 2012.

Source: IGN

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Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Details: Introducing Gang Wars


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