Dead Rising 3 Rumor Points To California Setting, Auto Mechanic Hero


Posted December 9, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

Dead Rising 2

Rumor time! Today's possibly true news comes from an anonymous source speaking to Siliconera about the Capcom sequel Dead Rising 3, which was actually in the news as recently as yesterday when a Facebook update indicated that Frank West was heading to "paradise" for his next adventure.

Today's rumor, if true, makes no mention of the paunchy, fan-favorite photojournalist, though that doesn't mean he couldn't be playable as a co-op character. Instead, the source indicates that Dead Rising 3 will feature a new hero: Rick, an orphan -- presumably that matters for some reason -- and auto mechanic.

That's Rick at the bottom of the post in a purportedly leaked -- and, frankly, rather suspicious-looking -- bit of concept art. He calls Los Perdidos, California his home, a fictional small town that was sealed up tight by the military following the zombie outbreak. Rick wants out, and he's got a plane in need of repairs that could be his ticket to freedom. The catch? There's a ticking bomb set to destroy Los Perdidos.

Making the plane skyworthy is apparently a main focus of the story, though Rick's tinkering skills would almost certainly be put to use on making a whole new set of combo weapons as well. Other, stray details indicate that Phenotrans (basically, the DR equivalent of Umbrella Corp.) is at the center of the story, and that one of the game's Psycho bosses rides a "Roller Hog" motorcycle that replaces the front wheel with a large, steamroller-like cylinder.

The source also indicates that DR3's story has some subtextual commentary on illegal immigration going on, as a key character named Red and his girlfriend Annie work to protect infected individuals -- "illegals," as they're called -- avoid being registered by the government. 

There's a surprisingly specific amount of detail here, but don't forget that this is all very much in rumor territory. These facts certainly don't seem to jive with yesterday's Facebook update, though the mention there of "paradise" COULD easily refer to a sunny and temperate setting like California.

Source: Siliconera

Dead Rising 3 Rumor Points To California Setting, Auto Mechanic Hero

Dead Rising 3 Rumor Points To California Setting, Auto Mechanic Hero


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