Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning World Guide -- An Intro to Quests, Places, Races, People, Creatures, and Factions


Posted December 9, 2011 - By Jake Gaskill

Kingdoms of Amalur

Want an early look at some of the quests, settings, creatures, factions, and such you will encounter in 38 Studios and Big Huge Games’ forthcoming fantasy-RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning? Well, it’s too late now, because we already put this whole post together (thanks to an asset drop from a preview event this week) to tell you about it, and you’d have to be high on crack cocaine (or whatever Amalur's fantasy equivalent is) if you think we are going to let it go to waste. So read on to educate yourself on what awaits you roaming adventurer types when you dive into Amalur's vast expanses come February 7, 2012. And for even more details, be sure to check out our most recent hands-on preview.


  • Almain (AHL-main) - Kingdom of noble humans who personify knightly tradition.
  • Dokkalfar (DAHK-al-far) - Alluring, magical dark elves. Inhabit the port city of Rathir Gnomes Scholars, inventors, soldiers, and schemers. The gnomes have built the Well of Souls as a means of offering immortality, but so far it has only worked once - on the player character.
  • Ljosalfar (LO-sal-far) - Light elves from the frozen north. Dedicated to the principle of justice.
  • Varani (vuh-RAH-nee) - Hardy humans known as traders and mercenaries. Though civilized, they are far less formal than the Almain.


  • Adessa (uh-DESS-uh) - City in the southeastern corner of Detyre. The center of gnomish civilization in the Faelands.
  • Allestar Glade - Starting area of the game where the player "comes back from the dead."
  • Amalur (ah-muh-LOOR) - The world; setting for Reckoning. During the Age of Arcana, magic in Amalur has become more potent and chaotic.
  • Canneroc (can-UH-rok) - A village in central Dalentarth that has been overrun with spiders from Webwood.
  • Dalentarth (dale-UN-tarth) - A lush green forest area within Amalur.
  • Dellach (DELL-ock) An Erathi ruin dungeon in Dalentarth.
  • Detyre (deh-TEER) - Vast, arid region to the southeast of Dalentarth. Home to a number of mining operations.
  • Didenhil (di-DEN-hill) - A large village in Dalentarth that has been stricken with plague.
  • Ettinmere (EH-tin-meer) - A swampy area in the southwestern section of Dalentarth, home to the two-headed Ettin.
  • Gardens of Ysa (GAR-dens of EE-sa) - The fabled city of the Summer Court, said to be located somewhere inside the Sidhe. The Fae permit few mortals inside.
  • Klurikon (KLER-ick-on) - A dank, swampy region east of Driana's Vein. Home to the legendary Gallows Tree.
  • Livrarium (liv-RAYR-ee-um) - The great library of the gnomes at Adessa. As the intellectual heart of the city, the Livrarium represents the sum of all gnomish knowledge—both shared and otherwise.
  • Mel Senshir (mel sen-SHEER) - Ancient fortress of the elves. Under siege by the Tuatha. Plains of Erathell Lush plains to the east of Dalentarth full of farmlands, hills, and ancient ruins. Its name is derived from the ancient race of the Erathi.
  • Rathir (rah-THEER) - City of the Dokkalfar located in Erathell. Overlooks the sea.
  • The Sidhe (the shee) - A dense forest inhabited by Fae. Located in eastern Dalentarth.


  • Agarth (AY-garth) - A god-talker for the Varani and a fateweaver of the human traditions, Agarth was once a great warrior who has since fallen into obscurity and depression.
  • Alyn Shir (AY-linn SHEER) - A Dokkalfar diplomat. Little is known about the past of Alyn Shir, as she has offered a number of varied accounts of it.
  • Fomorous Hugues - (FOH-mor-us HYOOS) A gnome scientist researching immortality. General Tilera When the Tuatha marched on the Plains of Erathell without warning 12 years ago, the Alfar hastily organized an army under the command of General Tilera Gwydion to strike back against the assault.
  • Grim Onwig (grim ON-whig) - A member of the Travelers who is recruiting new members to serve his own agenda. King Wencen - (king WHEN-sin) The Fae ruler of the House of Ballads.
  • Mitharu (mith-AH-roo) - God of Order, often invoked in response to bad or troubling news.
  • Nyralim (NEER-ah-lim) - An ancient forest spirit that has taken it upon himself to guard the Fae and protect the entrance to the Gardens of Ysa. Ost Ordura (ohst OR-dur-ah) A recruiter for the Warsworn working in Dalentarth to find and train new members of the order.
  • Templar Octienne (TEMP-lar OCK-tee-en) - A cold and devious gnomish Templar charged with overseeing scholars of the Basilica Gnostra. At one point in the game, Octienne leads the player on a mad chase across the rooftops of Adessa.
  • Ventrinio (ven-TRIN-ee-oh) - Gnomish scholar. As a former apprentice of Fomorous Hugues, Ventrinio is highly knowledgeable about the art and science of revivification.


  • Fateweavers - Those who can read the threads of fate. They are viewed with skepticism by most people.
  • House of Ballads - One of the great houses of the Summer Court, located in northern Dalentarth. As the Fae have no written language, the House of Ballads holds, protects, and reenacts the great legends of the Fae. However, recent inaccuracies in the legends have begun to appear.
  • House of Sorrows - Based in Klurikon, the House of Sorrows is an ancient order of the Unseelie Fae. Initially tasked with helping free the Unseelie from their corrupting natures in order to form the Winter Kingdom, they have since become the keepers of Unseelie culture.
  • Red Legion - The Red Legion is a group of bandits that have plagued central Amalur for the past twenty-five years, primarily in regions of which they were originally seafaring criminals, pirates and slavers. However, the outbreak of war between the Alfar and Tuatha Deohn forced the criminals inland, where they prey on unsuspecting travelers, merchant shipments, and war transports.
  • Summer Court - Is a term alternatively used to describe the Summer Fae as a whole, their ruling body, or the actual room where that body operates. The Court of Summer comprises three Fae houses: Ballads, Seasons, and Valor.
  • Winter Court - The Court of Winter, also called the Unseelie Court, is a term alternatively used to describe the Winter Fae as a whole, their ruling body, or the actual room where that body operates. The latter is based in Amethyn, deep within the heart of Alabastra. It is currently controlled by Gadflow, who seized power after murdering High King Mathon.
  • Travelers - Society of entertainers, crafters, adventurers, and outlaws who roam the by-ways of Amalur. Led by the Heirophant, whose gift of prophecy has recently begun to falter
  • Warsworn - A group of mercenaries famous throughout Amalur, some within the group are fighting to reclaim its honorable past.


  • Boggart (BOG-art) - Boggarts are small, malevolent wood-sprites, more mischievous than truly evil.
  • Crabs - Decapod crustacean of the suborder Brachyura, known to be tasty when served with Old Bay and butter.
  • Ettin - Two-headed, larger-than-man-sized creatures (8-10’ tall). They are primitive and warlike, living in small hunter-gatherer communities made up of a few small clans. Very strong, Ettins use primitive clubs or thrown rocks to bludgeon their victims to death.
  • Fae (fay) - Magical beings dedicated to preserving the natural order. Divided into two main branches: Seelie (Summer Fae) and Unseelie (Winter Fae).
  • Faer Gorta - A golem created from brass and bone. A walking skeleton that has its joints replaced by machinery.
  • Jottun - The Jottun are large, fat, grotesque, and bred for battle. They use whatever they find on the battlefield as armor- breastplates that they bang out, shields and other pieces of random armor are all strapped on their stomachs, legs and feet.
  • Kobold - Kobolds are small (4’) humanoid bandit-like raiders, living mostly underground in caves, dens, or ruins. They are communal creatures, living in groups of at least 3-4, though more often can be found in larger familial groups.
  • Niskaru (nis-KAR-oo) - Niskaru are demons--beings of pure magic, manifested with destructive or malevolent intentions. They take a variety of forms, from aggressive beasts to minor whelps to massive demons of pure terror.
  • Rock Troll - Trolls are humanoid creatures with brownish-green skin, living mostly in underground caves or hilly regions of Dalentarth. Their skin, as their name suggests, is stone-hard, providing natural armor for the creatures. They attack with giant clubs.
  • Sprite - Wild fae creatures. Most often attack in packs. The sprite soldier isn’t formidable alone, but when soldiers are paired with a sprite champion, they will gain the elemental attacks and resistances of their leader.
  • Tuatha (too-AH-tha) - Sect of Unseelie Fae that has started a war against the elves.


  • Chakram (SHOCK-ram) - Twin bladed discs designed to fly in patterns when hurled at an enemy. A favored weapon of mages.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Guide -- An Intro to Quests, Places, Races, People, Creatures, Factions, and Weapons


(Note: The above map shows a small portion of the full game world. Full map is right here.)

  • Main Quests
    • "Breaking the Siege" (1) - You Join the battle to retake Mel Senshir and fight the Niskaru Lord Balor. Completion will allow the player to freely explore Mel Senshir and Klurikon. Begin by speaking with Commander Owaiglyn in Mel Senshir.
    • "Silence Falls" (2) - To make new allies the player must disrupt Gadflow’s influence in Klurikon. This quest will lead the player through several zones in Klurikon. Speak with Cydan outside the gates of Mel Senshir in Cursewood to begin.
  • Side Quests
    • "Malicious Practices" (3) - Investigate the ramblings of a crazed war veteran. A quest involving some light investigation and with a choice at the end. Begin by speaking with Matrim Hawkins in the Mel Senshir Hospital.
    • "Remembrance" (4) - Help a survivor of the siege locate more information on a mercenary who saved his life. Begin by speaking with Aedran Tyr in the southwest courtyard in Mel Senshir.
    • "Eyes and Ears" (5) - Help locate scouts who have gone missing in the wake of the siege. Speak with Captain Drefan at the gates to Mel Senshir in Cursewood to begin.
    • "Deadeye" (6) - Help eliminate a feared Tuatha archer. Speak with Elias Hurk in northern Cursewood.
    • "Time to Reap" (7) - The player is challenged to combat by a blood-thirsty Fae warrior. Approach the camp south of the Proving Grounds in the Midden to begin.
    • "An Elf's Best Friend" (8) - The player needs to locate lost army reports with the aid of a trained wolf. Speak with Zanvil Whit at the camp south of the Proving Grounds in the Midden to begin.
    • "Every Sparrow Fallen" (9) - Investigate attacks on the Sparrows, Rathir’s community of ragpickers. Speak with Raf Klyr in Rathir to begin.
    • "Second to a Duel" (10)- Help a scoundrel with his upcoming duel against a seasoned war hero. Speak with Walen Forstid at the Seafoam Tavern in Rathir to begin.
    • "Out of the Ruins" (11) - Locate a merchant’s daughter, who has gone missing leading an expedition to the Tywili Coast. Speak with Atheof Cegren in Tirin’s Rest, Galafor, to begin.
    • "Tirin's Secret" (12) - Uncover the secret behind the righteous leader of Tirin’s Rest. Speak with Grastl Brad in Cegren and Brad, Mercantile, in Tirin’s Rest, to begin.
    • "Under Watch" (13) - The player has been gifted with a house but is being watched by powerful people within the city. Speak with Decanus Bruten in Sandstone Villa, Adessa, to begin.
    • "Return to Sender" (14) - A scribe has erroneously sent out sensitive information and needs it retrieved. Speak with Courdan Passant in the Domus Politica to begin.
    • "Bone Town" (15) - The mayor of Whitestone has a plan to revive the failing mining town but needs help tying up a few loose ends.
    • "Runaways" (16) - Aid a captive in escaping from Whitestone and, hopefully, in fleeing Apotyre with his lover.
  • Faction Quests
    • "The Sorrows Call" (Faction: House of Sorrows) (17) - An ancient Winter Fae house requires outside aid to repel Tuatha influence in their lands. This begins a faction line that involves intrigue and which would lead the player through all of Klurikon. Speak with Bisarane while traveling from Cursewood to the Midden to begin.
    • "Voices of the Dead" (Faction: House of Sorrows) (18) - The player continues to aid the House of Sorrows by locating a traitor with the help of another House member. Speak with Bisarane in the House of Sorrows to begin.
    • "Earning Valor" (Faction: House of Valor) (19) - The Crows, a team of gladiators marked by their previous failures, need a captain brave enough to lead them to victory in the arena. Speak with Jakin Madsen to begin. This will begin a quest chain which continues in the House of Valor area.
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning World Guide -- An Intro to Quests, Places, Races, People, Creatures, and Factions


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