Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Guide: Oh, I'm Afraid This Class Guide Will Be Quite Operational


Posted December 6, 2011 - By Sophie Prell

Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Guide: Oh, I'm Afraid This Class Guide Will Be Quite Operational

So we've given you a taste of the Dark Side with our Sith Warrior class guide for Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's whetted your appetite. The way of the Sith calls to you. Good. Good. Then take this class guide. Strike me down with it. Give in to your anger and make the cycle complete. It is your destiny. For you are the Sith Inquisitor!

You Should Play A Sith Inquisitor If: If you have ever folded your hands in classic evil mastermind position and laughed the day away, practicing until you have that maniacal twist to your words just right. Your favorite words are “dark,” “side,” and “complete,” the latter most being pronounced “kohm-plee-tuh.” If you love everything there is to playing bad and want one of the most flavorful stories, the Sith Inquisitor is your class.

Background: Everything is transpiring as you have foreseen. Those before you tremble in awe at the strength of the Dark Side coursing through you. The armor and musculature of the Sith Warrior is not your way. After all, the power to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force. You do not put yourself in harm's immediate vicinity, choosing instead to strike from afar with lightning and tricks which cloud the feeble mind.

The Sith Inquisitor is unique in that it is the only class which truly sees some character advancement from the lowliest of the low to the highest of the high. The Sith Warrior may be the Empire's right hand, wielding the crimson blades as pillars of Imperial might, but it's the Inquisitor's plans that sent them there. As the mastermind behind everything great and glorious in the Imperial army, it's surprising to know that by playing an Inquisitor, you actually begin as...

Well, we'll avoid spoilers for now. Just know that the Inquisitor is a schemer; a maniacal madwoman who sees those before her not necessarily as enemy or friend, but as pawns to move about as she sees fit, all the while advancing her own goals. A strong and resistant character in battle she is not, but from afar she wreaks unspeakable amounts of damage.

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How You Play A Sith Inquisitor: The Inquisitor is the go-to class for sustained DPS, particularly ranged. They wear light armor and for levels 1-10, keep their enemies at comfortable distance, practicing some truly nasty manipulations of the Force. Let your foes come to you, much as Emperor Palpatine repetitiously boasted in regards to Luke Skywalker's fate in Return of the Jedi.

How To Plan Your Future As A Sith Inquisitor: The Sith Inquisitor can choose to advance her skills as a lightsaber duelist or continue her dive into the Dark Side of the Force with advanced spells. Take the former route and you'll become the double-sided lighstaber-wielding Sith Assassin. Choose the latter and you'll command the Force like no other as a Sith Sorcerer. But don't choose based on names alone! Let's look at each a little closer.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Guide: Oh, I'm Afraid This Class Guide Will Be Quite Operational

The Assassin is appropriately named. She can turn invisible, and often strikes only once or twice before disappearing once again. As a warrior who cripples her foes one by one before cutting down those left in one swoop, the Assassin is a master of melee DPS and crowd control. It has three different skill trees, listed below:

  • Deception, a tree based on – you guessed it – deceiving your foes. This tree helps the Assassin lure enemies while also beefing up her stealth ability.
  • Darkness, which will be the most defensive-focused tree for the Inquisitor. Crowd control and ally protection are this tree's specialties.
  • Madness, the shared tree, which turns the Assassin into a life-sucking vampire of a woman, doling out lightning blasts like they were candy.

The other Sith Inquisitor Advanced Class, the Sith Sorcerer, is a little more discreet. She can be an invaluable healer or ranged DPS, but put her up against the Jedi Guardian and you'll find out just how soft and squishy she is. Still, there's nothing like wielding the Dark Side of the Force better than anyone else, so let's take a peek at her skill trees:

  • Corruption, the healing spec tree, which allows the Sorcerer to channel the force into heals and buffs which protect allies in combat.
  • Lightning. Ah, lightning. There really is no other power which screams “Dark Side” quite so powerfully is there? Take a guess at what this tree is really good with. I'll give you a hint. It starts with “L.”
  • Madness, which will again function much the same as it does for the Assassin, draining foes of their life force.

Repetitious disclaimer for those who have read the other class guides ahead! Playing as either Assassin or Sorcerer does not change the fact that you are a Sith Inquisitor. You will still level as an Inquisitor and gain abilities for that class, and your story will remain that of an Inquisitor. You aren't missing out on plot by choosing one spec over the other. Choose based on how you like to play!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Guide: Oh, I'm Afraid This Class Guide Will Be Quite Operational

Sith Inquisitor Equipment: Sith Inquisitors are a simple lot. They barely use their lightsabers, let alone fancy cybernetic enhancements or shield generators. Heck, even their clothing counts as light armor. These are not the concerns of a mind bent on domination of the galaxy. No, the Inquisitor will stick to their Force powers and use their blade only when necessary, thank you very much.

For levels 1-10, don't worry too much about the armor value associated with your clothing. Instead, focus on beefing up those mental stats so that you can recharge faster and go longer with the Force. The Inquisitor draws from a pool to power her abilities, and these can be quite spendy. The Dark Side is strong, but also draining. Make sure you've always got enough Force to get you through a battle, even if that means carrying around stimpacks. You don't want to get caught in a melee fight in these early levels.

Lastly, like both Jedi classes and the Sith Warrior, it will be some time before you're rewarded with a lightsaber. The difference here is that even when you have it, don't rely on it. Unless you choose the Assassin Advanced Class, it's there as your backup weapon.

Sith Inquisitor Skills:
The Sith Inquisitor loves her lightning. You'll have two versions of it by level 2, and continue to expand from there. True, there are plenty other abilities, but realize now that the crackling of purple energy is likely to be a constant companion to your Inquisitor as she travels from planet to planet, melting out Imperial justice.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Guide: Oh, I'm Afraid This Class Guide Will Be Quite Operational

That being said, her versatility should not go unappreciated. The Sith Inquisitor in SW:TOR can suit a variety of playstyles, as her early level abilities show. Let's take a look at some of the abilities you're likely to use the most frequently and let you decide:

  • Mark of Power: A buff that increases the Inquisitor's stats while also providing damage reduction, this ability is a must-have at all times. Learn it, live it, love it.
  • Shock: A short burst of lightning erupts from the Inquisitor's hands, blasting the target for high damage and stunning them. Use this on a target you want to keep at bay for a moment while you deal with his/her minions.
  • Overload: An ability for the Inquisitor caught in a melee bind, Overload is an AoE knockback that can also stack a knockdown effect on standard or weak enemies. Use it should you ever feel swamped or overpowered by melee enemies.
  • Whirlwind: This is pure crowd control. It suspends the target in the air for a full minute, though any damage will prematurely end the effect. Coordinate when grouped in particular to make sure you milk this for all it's worth.

Even though playtesting has ended, BioWare can always change any of these abilities. They may be re-named, effects may be changed, or they could be removed entirely. Use this list to help formulate an opinion on the Inquisitor and whether or not she matches your playstyle, but be aware that this list could change significantly between now and December 20.

Sith Inquisitor Closing Thoughts: I plan on having two mains come launch. One for the Republic, and one for the Empire. Guess which one I plan to roll when I'm feeling the need to let out my dark side aggressions? Yeah. This one.

The Sith Inquisitor has a fantastic story, one I wish I could spoil for you detail by detail as I jump up and down excitedly like a womp rat. It is a Star Wars lore lover's dream come true, and as the mirror to such iconic figures as Darth Sidious, it truly makes one feel powerful and representative of what it means to be a Sith. Her journey is exponentially more complex and ambiguous than I would have initially guessed, and by as low as level 8, you're getting a glimpse at some galaxy-effecting plot threads.

I'm also a huge fan of the art direction BioWare has taken with the Sith Inquisitor, especially some of the high-level gear. An Inquisitor at level 50 can appear to be more like a ritualistic, tribal shaman than a stern example of Imperial vision, but that's what makes them so great; the Inquisitor does what she wants, how she wants.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Guide: Oh, I'm Afraid This Class Guide Will Be Quite Operational

We're halfway through the Imperial class guides for The Old Republic, and with the Sith Warrior already out of the way, we depart from Korriban! Look forward to the Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent guides, or reflect upon the Republic's classes: we've got plenty of information on the Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Trooper, and Smuggler all nice and warm for ya. Stay tuned!

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Guide: Oh, I'm Afraid This Class Guide Will Be Quite Operational


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