Infinity Blade 2, Sleepy Jack, Chuchu Rocket And More: The Best Mobile Games Of The Week Of November 27

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Posted December 2, 2011 - By Ashley Esqueda

Infinity Blade 2

The best mobile video games can be hard to find, simply because of the sheer amount of titles out there. But, worry not! Welcome to G4's Knuckle Up, where we bring you a byte-sized view of our five favorite mobile games every week. The mobile space is filled with incredible games that will keep you busy for minutes, hours, or even days -- we'll let you know what we're playing and why we're playing it. Here's our top five games this week.



iOS (Universal) $6.99

It’s here, everyone! Inifinty Blade 2,the much-anticipated sequel to one of the best iOS games of all time has finally hit the App Store. So, does it live up to its predecessor, or are we looking at a sequel that isn’t quite up to snuff?

You can check out my full length Infinity Blade 2 review here, but in short, I’m happy to announce that this sequel is straight up incredible and improves on almost every aspect of the original. Graphically, the Unreal 3 engine pushes IB2 to the limit, with some stunning vistas and highly detailed texture mapping and environments. The cutscene-type walks from location to location are filled with a lot more gold and items than IB1, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the scavenger hunt for bags of cash even more this time around.

The story’s highly improved from the original, and provides a coherent and ultimately satisfying tale. In addition, combat provides much deeper customization with multiple types of weapons (board-and-sword, heavy weapon, and dual wield) and gems you can socket your armor, accessories, and weapons with for various bonuses.

If you buy only one iOS game this month, make it Infinity Blade 2. It’s a top contender for iOS Game of the Year, no question.


Android $1.99

Here’s a fun game that will take you back to the days of childhood. Sleepy Jack is made by the same studio who brought us Cordy on mobile, and it’s a cool little tunnel shooter that reminds me of the days when a little imagination brought our toys to life. Every night when Jack goes to sleep, he gets pulled into a wild ride in which he must do battle with the very toys he calls his own.

The tunnel shooter is magnificently done; it’s beautiful and full, but never too cluttered to see where you’re going (a bonus in my book). The controls are slightly loose, and require a bit of a learning curve, but mastering them won’t take long. Collect Zs as you whiz through the tunnels in Jack’s dreams to keep from waking up, and shoot down the bad guys blocking the way.

Sleepy Jack is a great purchase that everyone in your family will enjoy, and if you’re on iOS, don’t fret, because a port is headed your way. Give the Android users a chance for a great exclusive every now and then, okay?


iOS (iPhone/iPod) $2.99 | iOS (iPad) $4.99 | Android (Universal) $0.99

If you don’t remember the original Chu Chu Rocket!, it was this super adorable Dreamcast game that required a bit of puzzle know-how to help some space mice (ChuChus) escape in a rocket. It’s been on iOS for a while now, but it’s recently been ported to Android, so I figured it was a good time to give it a fresh shoutout.

CCR! is an excellent port of the original game, and it translates to touchscreen very well. So how do the levels work? They’re sort of directional puzzles; that is, you’ll see a grid with mice (and sometimes hazards like the evil KapuKapu kitties) waiting for your direction. You get a finite number of directional movements; for example, one “North” arrow that will make any moving being go in that direction if they touch it. All ChuChus turn clockwise by default, so the goal is to figure out where to drop your directions so that they all escape into their rocket (or rockets) without being harmed.

This is a classic game of cat-and-mouse reinvented for mobile, and Sega’s done a fabulous job of reminding us how fun that can be.


iOS (iPhone/iPod) $2.99 | iOS (iPad) $4.99 | Android (Universal) $2.99 | Android (Demo) FREE

I’d certainly heard of World of Goo before, but I’d never actually played it (much to the horror of some of my iPhone enthusiast pals). Now that it’s just been released on Android, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to give it a spin... and I am addicted.

Every single accolade that it’s won, every single high score and praising remark... well, I understand all of it now. It’s entirely deserved, and it’s awesome that Android users finally have a chance to experience the delight that is WoG. Each level is an exercise in building, physics, and adorably curious goo. Use those goos to build a structure leading to the pipe, and do it with as little goo balls as possible to rack up your score. Over time, you’ll see special goo balls with abilities, and deal with all kinds of hinderances and hazards keeping the goo from making it to the pipe.

World of Goo is a beautifully animated game with a lot of complexity underneath its simple premise. The only thing I regret is not playing it sooner!


iOS (iPhone) $1.99 | iOS (iPad) $2.99

Sometimes, I’ll peruse the “New Release” tab in gaming to see if there’s something that catches my eye, and BallAHolic certainly did. This is a game that captured my heart from the start! You must guide ticklish little Uberhero to each level’s exit by leading him forward with a laser pointer. Along the way, you’ll have to disarm force fields, avoid the bad stuff, crush some bad monsters, and do it all before the timer runs out. You even get the choice of three control modes: swipe, which turns the ball via your gestures; accelerometer, which gives you tilt controls; and gyro, which forces you to stand up and move around in order to play the game (it’s admittedly, very tough, but looks hilarious when others play it).

Standard “star rating” applies here, but it’s awarded based on time instead of precision. There are over 50 balls for you to check out, and they’re all gorgeously rendered with some pretty nifty details like snow and meteors. It’s a whimsical title with a ton of character, and it might be just what you’re looking for if you want something a little quirky and a lot of fun.

Ashley Esqueda is a semi-notable tech enthusiast, blogger, and all around mobile junkie who contributes to Mobile Nations, Techfoolery, and Tecca. If you're playing a game you think should be in Knuckle Up, follow her on Twitter or circle her on Google+ and send it over!

Infinity Blade 2, Sleepy Jack, Chuchu Rocket And More: The Best Mobile Games Of The Week Of November 27


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