Xenoblade Chronicles Coming To America As A GameStop Exclusive


Posted December 2, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

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Xenoblade Chronicles Coming To America As A GameStop Exclusive

Xenoblade, the fantastic Wii RPG from Monolith Soft is finally coming to America on April 3, 2012!  The weird part is that the game will be a GameStop store exclusive title, which is kind of strange since that might hurt its sales.

Xenoblade originally only came out in Japan and later made its way to PAL regions, making American gamers angry enough to start up a huge petition called Operation Rainfall (which got over 10,000 signatures) to get acclaimed Nintendo titles like Xenoblade to come over to the states. As a huge RPG fan myself, I imported the title (damn my impatience!) and I honestly think that it's one of the best RPGs, maybe one of the best games, of this generation. At the time it was a shame that it didn't originally come out in the US, but now we'll all get to play it which is great.

If you're not familiar with Xenoblade, it's an absolutely gorgeous Wii game that follows the story of Shulk, a young man who can wield an energy blade called the Monado against a robotic force called the Mechon and he eventually has to save the world. When it originally came out in Japan it was the best-selling Wii game of the year, and it has received almost universal praise from everyone that has played it.

If you love RPGs and you have a Wii, this is truly a must-have title, and we should all be really happy that it's finally coming to the states so that everyone has a chance to play, and so that Nintendo can make some more money. Are you looking forward to finally getting the chance to play Xenoblade? You should be!

Source: NeoGAF

Xenoblade Chronicles Coming To America As A GameStop Exclusive


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