Shinobi For The 3DS -- The Verdict Is In

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Posted November 30, 2011 - By Nikole Zivalich

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Shinobi 3DS

Shinobi has finally ninjad (not an actual word, yet) its way to the Nintendo 3DS. The game is true to its roots, but with all the good comes the bad. The bad being this game is painfully difficult. Here' what we had to say:

"This retro design philosophy also extends to the game’s save system, which is to say there isn’t one. There is an option to save so you can safely turn off the system between play sessions, but it’s a temporary file that is erased when it is loaded again. This wouldn’t be a noticeable issue if the game could be reasonably completed in a single sitting; however, levels are quite long for a handheld game, averaging anywhere between ten and twenty minutes to complete. And that is without taking into account restarting the level when Jiro’s lives inevitably run out. Even the beginner mode, which provides unlimited lives, can seem like an insurmountable feat in the later levels. Shinobi doesn’t play nice with the pick up and play style of gaming that is best suited to handhelds."

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Shinobi For The 3DS -- The Verdict Is In