Dead Space Getting An FPS? A Flight Combat Sim?! An ADVENTURE Game?!


Posted November 30, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

Dead Space 2

Would you play a first-person shooter set in the Dead Space universe? How about a space-based flight combat sim? Or an Uncharted-style adventure game? These are all distinct possibilities, assuming Kotaku's unnamed Electronic Arts insider is legit.

The source explains that EA brass commanded the Dead Space team to go bigger with the franchise, to bring it to a wider audience. Which of course means FPS, something the source says is being actively worked on. A space sim and adventure game are also apparently being planned as well.

Obviously this unsourced information should be digested with the appropriate helping of salt, but Kotaku's certainly had a good track record this year with its insider sources (MW3, anyone?). More than that, we've already seen plenty of info about the next core Dead Space game leak over the past six months.

First, a logo and some artwork for Dead Space 3 slipped out of a videotaped studio tour. Plot details followed less than a week later, revealing that the next game's setting will allegedly be the ice planet of Tau Volentis. Then even MORE details got out, about what happened to protagonist Isaac Clarke leading into Dead Space 3 and who he'll be meeting on his next journey.

How do you feel about the possibility of Dead Space expanding beyond its survival(ish)-horror trappings? Personally, I don't care what franchise it's connected to; we've gone too long without a quality space-based combat sim.

Source: Kotaku

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Dead Space Getting An FPS? A Flight Combat Sim?! An ADVENTURE Game?!