Whether you need a Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle, a PS3 Move Bundle, a Nintendo Wii or 3DS, our 2011 Holiday Buyers Guide will give you the best advice on what to buy this season.

The Best Xbox 360 Games: Our Holiday Buyers Guide 2011


Posted November 29, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

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The most successful year ever for the Xbox 360 is drawing to a close, but if you're having trouble finding out which games you should pick up this holiday season for your gamer then look no further than our Xbox Holiday Gift Guide. It's the perfect way to find the best Xbox exclusive games for everyone on your list.

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After the break you'll find a list of the must have Xbox 360 games.

Dance Central 2: Dance Central 2 offers huge improvements over the original title. Adding in simultaneous multiplayer, dance battle mode, and even a story mode, everyone in the family will be able to get their groove on.

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary is the perfect gift for nostalgic Halo fans. It's an upgraded version of the original game for the Xbox, adding new maps, better multiplayer, and an awesome feature that lets you switch back and forth between the old version of the game and the newer one. It's classic Halo with a fresh feel.

Forza Motorsport 4: Hailed as the best racing game for the Xbox 360, Forza Motorsport 4 truly is the king of the road. It's full of small touches that add endless amounts of dimension in all the right places. Plus, there's a sweet mode called Autovista that lets you explore the ins and outs of vehicles that you'll never be able to afford. 

Gears of War 3
: Gears of War 3 offers pulse-pounding third person shooter action in outrageous ways that we absolutely love. Along with a stellar single-player campaign, the game offers various multiplayer modes that will keep you playing for hours on end.

The Gunstringer: The Gunstringer from Twisted Pixel is a Kinect title where you use your body to control an undead marionette. The dialogue is hilarious, and the Kinect works flawlessly to truly immerse you in to this enchanting title.

Kinectimals Now With Bears!: For the little guys on your list, Kinectimals, Now With Bears is a Kinect title that lets you interact with virtual exotic cats or bears. Along with being able to play with, pet, and bathe you bear, you can now go on an all new adventure with it as well. Plus, the game is the most utterly adorable one we've ever seen. Ever. 

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The Best Xbox 360 Games: Our Holiday Buyers Guide 2011


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