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Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Gifts For The Online Gamer


Posted November 28, 2011 - By Jonathan Deesing

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Non-Game Gifts for Gamers

Online gamers are particularly hard to shop for come holiday season. They already own their favorite game and they’re probably not interested in a new one. So what do you get the gamer that already has everything they need? Glad you asked. Check out the list below and get your online-gaming pal the greatest gift this season.

World of Warcraft Pet

World of Warcraft Pets

With the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion promising pet battles, everyone is clamoring to pick up the coolest pets and become the greatest Pokémon master in Azeroth. Oh, come on, like Blizzard is fooling anyone. Luckily you can get that special someone just the pet they need on Blizzard’s convenient online pet store. Although the expansion isn’t out for a few months, it’s never too soon to pick up a pet that won’t violate your rental agreement.

Lord of the Rings Online

LOTRO Turbine Points Cards 

Though Lord of the Rings Online is free-to-play, by dropping some real coin, you can advance your player or pick up better gear in no time. In order to boost your buddy’s avatar, simply hit up a Best Buy, Target, or GameStop and grab a Turbine Point Card. To make your gift even cooler, the LOTRO store currently has a special for Harvestmath items going on right now. 

SOE Offering

SOE Station Cash

For the re-gifters and picky people in your life, Sony Online Entertainment’s station cash is the newest currency coming soon to all of their online games. Though it’s only available for EverQuest and EverQuest II, it is promised to soon have compatibility with SOE’s other titles such as Magic the Gathering Tactics and DC Universe Online, among others. As of right now, the only way players can get Station Cash is in-game, but Sony is working on options for retail cards and online gifting options so keep your eyes peeled for some great and versatile last minute gifts.

Guild Wars 2 -- The Other Big MMO Launching This Year

Guild Wars game cards

In hard economic times, we’re all looking for cheap games that offer tons of content. For years, Guild Wars has fulfilled that role. A unique entry to the MMORPG genre; Guild Wars has never charged subscription fees, allowing players to continue playing infinitely after purchasing the game. Now, it’s a great alternative to someone who may be burned out on World of Warcraft or just tired of paying monthly subscription fees. You can pick up a $20 game card at any 7-Eleven store, redeemable for a copy of the original epic title.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Elite: Interview with Beachhead’s VP of Production Daniel Suarez

Call of Duty: Elite membership cards

Modern Warfare 3 fanatics—who number in the millions—are certain to appreciate a subscription to Call of Duty: Elite, the pay service used to monitor and track your multiplayer activities in MW3 and Black Ops. Though it’s reasonably cheap at $50 a year, many find that a bit steep after dropping $60 on the game. For broke Call of Duty fans, the extra content and prizes will be a welcome surprise.

Xbox Live

Xbox Live Memberships and Points cards

A standard go-to, Xbox Live membership cards are always appreciated, as you can never really have too much time left on your membership. You can pick these up at any Best Buy, Target or the like, but if you’re really looking to save coin, scour the internet for sales and deals. It’s possible to find memberships for under $40, so make sure not to spend the standard $60 that Microsoft typically charges!

Another gift that never quite gets old is Microsoft Points, available on gift cards just about anywhere you can imagine. These allow gamers to purchase anything from extra map packs for their favorite multiplayer, to a hat for their avatar, to the original Halo.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Gifts For The Online Gamer


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