Food In Video Games -- The Best Games About Food In Honor Of Thanksgiving


Posted November 24, 2011 - By Brittany Vincent

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We’re pretty psyched about the cornucopia of treats we’re about to feast on for Thanksgiving. In fact, you could say we’re big fans of food here. Food and video games. It’s not often that the two come together beyond pizza and LAN parties, but when they do it’s an interesting mix. In preparation for the spread on your Thanksgiving table, we’ve got a list of five of the best food-related video games that’ll leave you hungry for more. We know, we’re just terrible.

Burger Time


One of the  fondest memories of my childhood as a gamer was spending hours hunched over my GameBoy running over burgers, lettuce, buns, and running into hot dogs, condiments and…eggs. People still think slapping a fried egg on a burger is weird, but BurgerTime suggested it was okay. Which it is. In its several incarnations over the years, it never ceased to make fast food fun. After all the calories, fat, and artery-clogging nastiness, isn't that what it's all about? There's one thing you can't dispute, though. BurgerTime is an arcade classic that you can't put down, and possibly one of the best options out there that creatively combines delicious hamburgers with addictive gameplay.

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama

Mama has only ever been allowed out of the kitchen, much like myself, when there were other womanly tasks to perform such as gardening, babysitting, and crafting that the menfolk couldn't tend to. The other more masculine duties were always left to the men (see Science Papa.) In fact, the only reason I was allowed to tear myself away from Thanksgiving duties was to bring you this article. Excuse my biting sarcasm – Cooking Mama is actually an exemplary follow-the-directions collection of mini-games that mimicked the cooking process quite accurately. It's a bit spotty in places, but certainly an interesting little time waster that moved plenty of DS units. Just don't make Mama angry. You'll regret it.

Order Up!

Order Up!

The Wii library is known for its multitude of shovelware, but when you uncover a gem, there's always a party to be had. That was the case when I found Order Up! It's simple, but should be appreciated as a cartoony look at the hectic world of restaurant ownership. It's ridiculously fun, it looks like a well-animated cartoon, and it offers a completely unique experience that merits sequels and spinoffs. However, even amongst all of these good features, you have to know there's some bad--the Wii Remote is horrendously inefficient when it comes to doing some tasks, and it can make playing very frustrating. It's still a fantastic game for foodies, though.

Pizza Tycoon

Pizza Tycoon

No one actually wants to eat a pizza with only tomatoes lining the edges. Well, maybe someone, we're not here to judge. But not the patrons of my restaurant in Pizza Tycoon, the picky public that I could never please. As a precursor to what would become a rampant genre – the casual diner/restaurant sim, Pizza Tycoon was a classic adventure from Microprose that let you start and nurture you very own fledgling pizza chain. You could even create your own recipes, choose your décor, and get mixed up with the mafia when you couldn't keep your business afloat. You had to be certain to pay them on time, though. We all know what happens when you can't make up your debts to the Family.

Diner Dash

Diner Dash

Though Diner Dash is more focused on serving food to hungry customers, it's one of the most popular time management casual games on the market. A restaurant full of patrons beckons you to work faster and faster, delivering food with finesse and accuracy. May the gods of waitressing help you if you fail to clear tables of their dirty dishes or bring a check to your patrons in a timely fashion. Through dozens of iterations over the years, Diner Dash has consistently remained one of the greatest food-related games, and we surmise it's probably going to stay that way.

There you have it. Now, if you'll excuse me, the pumpkin pie on the table is cooling and calling my name. What food video games are you thankful for gobbling up? Yes, more Thanksgiving puns. You love it. 

Food In Video Games -- The Best Games About Food In Honor Of Thanksgiving


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