Rampage Headed To The Big Screen


Posted November 18, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

 Rampage World Tour

If you're one of the many, many billions of people who fondly remember arcade game Rampage and its sequels and follow-ups,  you are in for a treat: a movie version of the giant monster simulator is planned by New Line Cinema and producer John Rickard (the Final Destination series, Nightmare On Elm Street remake.)

Amazing news, right? The plan is for New Line to create a "smartly budgeted" monster flick in the vein of Ghostbusters. So we're potentially looking at a cheap monster movie/comedy where a trio of big monsters attack a city, beat everyone up, and smash apart buildings -- it's really not the worst idea in the world, especially given the premise of the game: Three mild-mannered scientists turn into monsters and attack. I could see Michael Cera as the Wolfman, Woody Harrelson as the King Kong character and... I don't know, Lisa Lampenelli as the Godzilla rip-off.

My question, though, why would New Line bother licensing the name "Rampage?" Why not just make their own, original monster movie with the same premise? It's not like Rampage is shockingly original or anything-- it seems based pretty heavily on Godzilla and King Kong already. Do they really imagine the old saw of a video game has enough fans to warrant whatever it costs to buy the movie rights?  I suppose they do... but it's weird, right?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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Rampage Headed To The Big Screen


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