Man Buys Full Suit Of Master Chief Armor From Halo After Getting Dumped


Posted November 17, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Man Buys Full Suit Of Halo Master Chief Armor After Getting Dumped

After hopeless romantic Eric Smith custom designed an engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend with, she dumped him. Getting dumped is one of the worst things ever, especially if you're gamer, because finding a significant other that can put up with (and maybe even enjoy) your hobby can sometimes be hard.

Well, Eric took the dumping to the next level. Instead of drowning his sorrows in Skyrim and pizza like a normal guy, he sold the ring on eBay and commissioned an artist to create a full scale suit of armor modeled after Master Chief from Halo. Apparently it's something he always wanted and he had nothing holding him back (like a woman). 

Hopefully his new suit will help him pick up new chicks. Good luck, Spartan. You can check out more pictures of the suit via Eric's Flikr page.

Source: Short List

Man Buys Full Suit Of Master Chief Armor From Halo After Getting Dumped


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