Saints Row: The Third Launch Guide -- It's Time To Strap It On

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Posted November 15, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Seeing as the countdown to Saints Row: The Third is almost over, we wanted to make sure you had all the information you need to ensure you are as prepared and amped as possible for what is sure to be one of the year's most talked about releases. As such, please enjoy our Saints Row: The Third launch guide!

Saints Row: The Third Launch Guide -- It's Time To Strap It On

Saints Row: The Third
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
MSRP: $59.99

ESRB Rating: M

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What kind of Game is it?

Saints Row: The Third is an a massive over-the-top open world crazy kind of game. No longer a Grand Theft Auto knockoff, Saints Row has found its own, offensive yet extremely hilarious voice and now includes activities like trafficking, sky diving, vehicle theft, and tons more. Not only will you never get bored playing this one, but that evil smile on your face won't be going anywhere anytime soon either. Plus, you can play it either solo or with a friend.

Who Developed it?

American based developer Volition, Inc. is responsible for this cleverly crass title. Their design strategy this time around was to make everything over-the-top in order to differentiate themselves from other open world games. With The Third, Volition rebooted the franchise, adding in new technology, activities, dildo bats, and just about everything else in order to create a game and continue a franchise that their fanbase would love.

What's the Story?

This time around the Third Street Saints are the big dogs in Stilwater. They've taken the town for themselves, become a household name with their own brand of sneakers, and are basically the most legit they've ever been. A legendary rival gang, The Syndicate, aren't okay with The Saints' rise to power and now it's up to you to rid the Syndicate's influence over a new town, Steelport, in an effort to rise even farther, and to put The Syndicate in check.   


Not only does Saints Row: The Third feature two-player co-op but it also has the insanely fun Whored Mode. Yeah, you read that right, Whored Mode. Whored Mode is a 30 wave-based survival mode with each mode having a different set of rules. One wave will have you innocently shooting enemies with guns, while the next will have your enemies shrinking to tiny proportions, while the next might force you to fight with a floppy purple dildo-shaped baseball bat to kill the entire wave. Yeah.

What Did We Say?

From Adam Rosenberg's Saints Row: The Third review:

"The story unfolds over a series of acts, starting with the familiar rise to power over the local toughs. You arrive in Steelport to find three rival gangs waiting to be picked apart: the Deckers, Morningstar, and Luchadores. The urban warfare eventually becomes fierce enough that the government organization STAG -- Special Tactical Anti-Gang unit -- into the city to restore order. Then that goes awry and -- I crap you not -- the zombies arrive."

Read the rest of Adam Rosenberg's Saints Row: The Third review.

Check it out in action!

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Saints Row: The Third Launch Guide -- It's Time To Strap It On


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