DC Universe Online Subscriptions Up To 1 Million After Free-To-Play Transition


Posted November 11, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

DC Universe Online Shows Off Green Arrow In Latest Screens

While we thought it was impressive that DC Universe Online picked up 120,000 new users when it went free-to-play, we're even more blown away now that SOE has announced that the MMO has registered a staggering 1 million new players since its free-to-play transition.

"DC Universe Online's transition to free-to-play has been welcomed by the community and gamers with heroic enthusiasm. In just one week alone, 1 million new players have joined DCUO with a 50/50 split between PC and PS3," said Lorin Jameson, Executive Director of Development, SOE Austin.

A million players is nothing to scoff at, and it seems as if this lucrative FTP business model could be the one that most MMOs companies will be using in the future.

"Our business model philosophy of Free to Play Your Way makes DCUO accessible to every type of player so they can choose to play the game in a way that suits them best," Jameson said. "We have a lot of exciting things coming up for players to enjoy in the game and are thrilled at the initial enthusiasm for the game's free-to-play transition."

Have you tried DCUO since it went free-to-play last week? Let us know about your new super hero or villain.

DC Universe Online Subscriptions Up To 1 Million After Free-To-Play Transition


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