Resistance 3 Patch v1.05 Adds Two New Maps, Fixes Stuff


Posted November 11, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

Resistance 3

Hey, Resistance 3 fans: you like getting new multiplayer maps, right? What if those maps happen to be FREE? Yeah, I thought so. Insomniac Games has a holiday gift for you all, in the form of two new multiplayer maps that you'll download at no cost when the game gets its v1.05 patch in the coming days, possibly as soon as next week.

Insomniac confirms the news on its website, revealing that the patch will add Creek, for 16 players, and The Granery (probably a typo of Granary) for four players. You can see the full list of patch changes on Insomniac's website, but there are a few in particular that the dev wanted to draw your attention to:

  • Several performance updates to fix network lag
  • Improved team balancing
  • All equipment and abilities are now purchasable at level 60
  • Leaper Corpse will now spawn fewer leapers
  • Improved the Move’s aim mechanic
  • Check out the rest at the source link below.
Resistance 3 Patch v1.05 Adds Two New Maps, Fixes Stuff