Saints Row: The Third Final Verdict -- Grand Theft What Now?


Posted November 11, 2011 - By Dan Fasulo

Saints Row The Third

Wondering whether or not Saints Row: The Third can live up the insanity that's been promised so far? Well, fret not gentle reader, we've got the answers for you in our full review. Find out if you'll be ripping through the streets of Steelport or letting this one sink to the bottom of the river.

"The story in Saints Row 3 isn't the only reason to play, but it's a surprisingly compelling one. The Saints Row plots have always been entertaining, but this one has a little bit of added oomph thanks to what appears to be a completely re-written cast of characters. Everyone you meet in the game is a killer, but a playful one. Saints Row: The Third is a gross-out comedy with a body count."

To see more of the kind of wonderful, wonderful chaos you'll be creating in Saints Row: The Third head over and check out our full Saints Row: The Third review.

Saints Row: The Third Final Verdict -- Grand Theft What Now?