Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3 Enemy Intel Item Locations Guide


Posted November 8, 2011 - By Donell Tucker

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Are you having trouble collecting all Intel Items during the single player campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? G4tv has your back as we deliver our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Enemy Intel Item Locations Guide. That's right soldier, we found all 46 enemy Intel items that you will need to collect in order to get the Informant achievement/trophy and Scout Leader achievement/trophy.

Follow our MW3 Intel Item below which will tell you step by step where exactly to locate them.

Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3 Enemy Intel Item Locations Guide

Act 1

Black Tuesday: Intel Items: 5/5

1)  Enter the apartment complex. Make your way across the room that a helicopter crashed into, and look towards the right, into the room with with a broken TV. There's an Intel Item on the floor.

2) In the jewelry store, when going downstairs look towards the back of the room, and you should see an Intel Item siting on top of a display case

3) Once inside the Stock Exchange, turn left. There's an Intel Item on the coffee table, against the blue cracked glass.

4) Enter the room that's full of communication equipment (before going up the stairs to get to the roof). Look for one kiosk that is closest to the stairs that lead to the rooftop. There's your Intel Item.

5) Once you are on top of the Stock Exchange roof, and before you plant the thermite charge on the jammer, if you look towards the right you will see a group of tables with green computers and monitors. There's an Intel Item on the right-most table.

Hunter Killer: Intel Items 2/2

6) Once you enter the submarine, in the second room before you head down the stairs, look towards the right near the door and you will see an Intel Item.

7) In the missile room, head up the stairs towards your right. From there, make your way across the platform and you will see an Intel Item on the floor.

Persona Non Grata 4/4

8) When you get to the courtyard, head towards the right side of the wall and in a small tunnel will be an Intel Item.

9) In the side alleyway, there will be stairs towards your left. Go up the stairs and the first room towards your right is where the Intel Item will be.

10) When you reach the weapon cache look on the left side of the wooden craft and there you will see an Intel Item.

11) When you exit the UGV weapon cache room, quickly turn towards your left and at the playground is an Intel Item on top of the slide.

Turbulence 2/2

12) When you head down the stairs towards the lower deck you will see a small room where the next Intel Item is.

13) After the place crashes, the Intel Item will be located on the ground after you jump over one fallen tree when following your commander.

Back on the Grid 3/3

14) Before you regroup with Captain Price, the Intel Item will be inside a rundown building with an African flag on the side of the wall. Also, smoke will be coming out of the chimney.

15) After you regroup with Captain Price, on the main path between the rundown buildings, look for a clothesline that has a pink and green cloth hanging on it. Enter the building to your left and you will see an Intel Item. (Hint: It's near the water tower)

16) When you enter the church, at the far end is an Intel Item on top of a table.

Mind the Gap 2/2

17) Before entering the Warehouse via the double metal doors, right behind you towards the left side is a room where the Intel Item is hiding.

18) Before you open the truck doors at the Docks, get to the catwalk from the stairs on your right. Follow the path on the catwalk until you reach the room on the second floor.

Mind The Gap Part 2 1/1

19)  After you go up the escalator, behind the newsstand's counter is an Intel Item on the ground.

Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3 Enemy Intel Item Locations Guide

Act 2

Goalpost 3/3

20) When reaching the streets from the bus, the Intel Item will be inside the crashed airplane on your right side.

21) When you pass the broken bridge with the tanks, the Intel Item is located behind the brick wall at the southwest corner.

22) When you enter the Teknikor Deutschland building look towards your right and in the cubical that is closest to the East side wall will be an Intel Item.

Return To Slender 3/3

23) Enter the building that is closet to the wrecked ship. The building has a symbol of a eagle in the front. Once inside, head to the second floor and continue forward until you are in the last room. The Intel Item will be sitting on top of the desk.

24) When you breach and interrogate Waraabe, look for the Intel Intel on the table in that room.

25) Before you reach the secondary LZ, look for a building North East of the area that has a sign that says, "Nroro Suuo Money Market," in there will be an Intel Item.

Bag and Drag 4/4

26) On the 2nd floor of the bookstore, the Intel Item is siting next to the second window on the West wall.

27) When following the GIGN leader, look for the second building on the North East side of the first area. An Intel Item will be on a coffee table waiting for you.

28) After you get flashbanged in the room where Volk is running away, look towards your left and near the South wall is a Intel Item.

29) During the chase for Volk, an Intel Item will be on the floor during the chase.

Iron Lady 2/2

30) After you destroy the tanks on the bridge, there is a bus towards the Northwest side. Enter the bus and locate at the Intel Item in the back seat,

31) When jumping off the balcony, if you look towards your left you will see a glass house. Enter the glass house and head up the stairs to find your next Intel Item.

Eye of the Storm 2/2

32) After you dodge the helicopter from spotting you, an Intel Item on the Hotel's counter.

33) In the area where the rebels attack with Captain Price, the Intel item is located in a small tent south of the statue.

Blood Brothers 1/1

34) When Price gives you a gun, go inside the first building and the Intel Item is located at North corner of the cell phones.

Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3 Enemy Intel Item Locations Guide

Act 3

Stronghold 2/2

35) When escaping the castle and entering a building with communication devices, look for the Intel Item Northwest of the area in a small room.

36) When exiting the building to enter the courtyard, turn right and follow the path up stairs to the balcony. Enter the next room to find the Intel Item.

Scorched Earth 5/5

37) When you reach the first office floor, the Intel Item is in the cubical on the left side near the demolished window.

38) After you rappel down the building, follow the path pass the crashed helicopter until you see a book store. Enter the bookstore and on the counter is another Intel Item.

39) When both tanks arrive stay to the west side of the buildings until you see a room. Go inside and at the end of the path you will see a Intel Item. Look for the building that has a sign, Teknik Deu.

40) Once you make it out of the destroyed building you will go into another. After you cross the lobby and enter the stairwell check under the stairs for the Intel Item.

41) When entering the stairway to the roof, don't go up the stairs. Instead go behind the stairs and near the window is a Intel Item.

Down the Rabbit Hole 2/2

42) In the first area where you should toggle off your night vision, there is a computer room towards your left side and inside that room, at the very end, is an Intel Item on top of a cabinet. (Hint: The room has a 44 number painted on the wall.)

43) After rescuing the Russian president but before exiting that room, go behind the broken cement in which you breach and on the barrel is an Intel Item.

Dust to Dust 3/3

44) When you enter the building and head up the stairs, go around towards the right side and at the bar you will see an Intel Item.

45) After the elevator ride, move forward into the area and on the left will be a poker room. The Intel Item is on top of the poker table.

46) After the elevator ride and as you make your way across from the first area to the second area, there is bar entitled, "Oasis" and on top of the bar's counter is a Intel Item towards the right.

Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3 Enemy Intel Item Locations Guide


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