Modern Warfare 3: Don't Expect "No Russian" Style Controversy


Posted November 7, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

While the plot details of the single-player campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 aren't exactly top-secret (there have been very detailed accounts of its plot online since May, and the game has been in players hands since at least last week), officially, we don't know how the game's story will progress, but we can say this: Don't expect "No Russian" style controversy, and don't expect a crap-storm of outraged reaction from the non-gaming press to the game's release.

While Modern Warfare 3 starts with a disclaimer warning that some of the content could be disturbing, and there are certainly some distressing scenes in a story that features widespread technological destruction, there's nothing in the game's plot or action that seems likely to push the "controversy!" button of the mainstream press, so don't expect any Fox News diatribes in the next week or so... at least, that's how it seems to us.

The developers of MW 3 were obviously aware of the potential pitfalls of gratuitous outrageous content, as evidenced by a recent interview with Sledgehammer Games creative director Bret Robbins in Venture Beat.

"It's not a matter of trying to be gratuitous about it, doing shocks for shock value," Robbins said. "You always want to push yourself and see if you can push the limits of the medium, and storytelling. We’ve got such a big audience for this game that we want to deliver something that’s memorable. Experiences that people are going to be talking about the next day after they played it, talking about with their friends. It’s really a matter of creating something unique." 

Source: Venture Beat

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Modern Warfare 3: Don't Expect "No Russian" Style Controversy


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