GTA 5 Trailer Reactions: Check Out G4's Snap Judgments On The First Grand Theft Auto 5 Video


Posted November 2, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Grand Theft Auto 5

Like everyone in the gaming world, we at G4 have been glued to our computer screens since 9:01 AM PST this morning, obsessively re-watching the same trailer. No, not the new Devil May Cry trailer, but the debut trailer for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5.

While Jake "Cop Killer" Gaskill has posted an in-depth trailer analysis featuring 10 things he noticed, below, you'll find our intial, gut-check reactions and snap judgements on the video.

It’ll be nice to play a GTA game where I don’t start out with a crappy roach infested apartment and some rusty beater I had to steal. I’m willing to bet there will be at least one story line involving the porn industry.
-- Patrick Roche-Sowa – Producer, Sessler’s Soapbox, The MMO Report

Glad to see planes are back and a return to San Andreas. Still hope for San Fierro being in, considering the original trailer for GTA:San Andreas also only featured Los Santos. That jet fighter better be flyable and not just some cruel tease.
-- Matt Keil – Senior Producer Editorial, X-Play

I know Rockstar has never repeated a playable main character in their GTA games, but this trailer’s narrator could easily be Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. His story fits: He left la vida loca of fake Miami to try to settle down in fake Los Angeles, but crime draws him back in – and if you freeze frame the trailer at around 40 seconds in, he even looks like an older Tommy V. Or maybe Jimmy Kimmell…
-- Stephen Johnson, Consigliere, TheFeed

Although I understand the financial reasons why Rockstar thought it best to use the environmental architecture from LA Noire, I’m disappointed that GTA 5 is in Los Angeles. It feels like its going to be a slightly less surrealistic version of True Crime. I was hoping for Las Vegas and will keep my fingers crossed for the future.
-- Rebecca Jutzi, SEO Assassin

...and boom goes the dynamite.
-- Brian Compton, Segment Producer - Attack of the Show

Grand Theft Auto 5

I honestly recognized parts of my daily, L.A. commute in that trailer. It’s a terrifyingly accurate recreation of the city. I look forward to driving around like a virtual maniac in GTA5, as I am not allowed to do that in my real life. Also – it looks like there’s a hiking side-mission in the game. AND I AM SO THERE.
– Blair Butler – Writer/Correspondent, Attack of the Show.

The trailer is breathtaking. Every single frame represents Los Angeles. I can't f**king wait.
-- Jedd Scher, G4 Creative Director

While I’m sure gameplay wise GTAV (five) will be great, I have to say that I expected more realistic graphics from Rockstar with the release of the iCEnhancer GTA IV mod. I mean, that mod took Liberty City to new heights and I assumed that V would look as good if not better than that right out of the gate.
-- Leah Jackson – Games Editor

Grand Theft Auto 5

So stoked that it'll be set in Los Santos! I hope they really capitalize on the porn industry this time. Y'know, for Hot Coffee Part Deux. Just kidding, ew.
-- Jacklin Maisyan – Social Media Coordinator

I was just thinking to myself, "If only there was a way I could spend more hours of my fleeting life stuck in a car on the streets of LA." My prayers have been answered. I do hope the game expands on the best part of this fine city: The Valley. The NPCs can use a vocabulary consisting of "like," "totally," and "right?" Def looking forward to see what Rockstar will do with San Andreas.
-- Nikole Zivalich - Games Editor

The graphics of the GTAV trailer look incredible. Because radio is still so important to the commuter culture of Los Angeles, err, I should say Vinewood, I’m confident Rockstar is going to assemble their best ever set of songs for the in-game radio stations, based on their history with this material in previous GTA games. Also, while the game is obviously pushing the boundaries of graphical realism, hopefully they don’t include a Sig-Alert AI in the game, because driving unabashedly fast on the freeways is something everyone in LA dreams of.
-- Rick Damigella, Executive Producer, Social Media TV

So it looks like there’s a hiking level in this GTA? If so, awesome. If not, I look forward to getting really into the game until there’s an irritating escort quest a third of the way in, at which point I will put the Skyrim disc in my Xbox and never play GTA V again.
-- Casey Schreiner – Writer, Attack of the Show; Host, The MMO Report; Dirty Hiking Hippie

Grand Theft Auto 5

It really makes me want to play Saints Row: The Third.
-- Blair Herter, Doer of all the things Adam and Kevin don't want to do

Is this supposed to make me sad? Because that’s what it did. It’s certainly gritty enough. The other thing that makes me sad is that they don’t assume that people will know that “V” equals “Five,” so they had to write it in the title. The game will probably be awesome, though.
-- Mike D’Alonzo – Manager – New Media & Editorial

--John Walsh, Yeti Impersonator

Looks like L.A. Noire, but with stuff to do. Awesome!
-- Ernie Moreno – Graphic Designer

I can’t wait to play a game that will allow me to virtually sit in horrible LA traffic, just like real life! And if the game won’t let me do that, then I can’t wait to complain about a game that is soooo unrealistic about horrible LA traffic.
-- Moye Ishimoto, International Multimedia Superstar

Grand Theft Auto 5

I can’t wait to sit through an hour of LA traffic every day and come home to play this!
-- Doug Baughman – Free Bagel Thursday Connoisseur

I really hope that it is solely confined to Los Santos. I just can’t see the level of detail achieved in GTA 4 being translated into a vast game world like San Andreas. Also, JETS! WOO!
-- Antonio Hernandez, G4tv Social Media Coordinator

I only hope that there’s a side mission where you party with and/or gun down the cast of “Entourage.”
-- Liz Shannon Miller, Writer, “Attack of the Show”

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GTA 5 Trailer Reactions: Check Out G4's Snap Judgments On The First Grand Theft Auto 5 Video


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