Battlefield 3 Conquest Guide - Tips To Help You Dominate The Competition


Posted November 1, 2011 - By Dan Fasulo

Battlefield 3

Long time Battlefield players will remember fondly the days when the only game mode worth playing was Conquest. In Battlefield 3, it can be a frustrating experience for inexperienced players. So to help, we've put together a handy little guide for those of you who might not be super-experienced in BF3 Conquest Mode.

Tips for Battlefield Noobs

  • First and foremost, odds are if you're new to Battlefield, you probably came over from Call of Duty. The two games play very differently online, the first thing you should make sure to note is that you are much more susceptible to bullets in Battlefield. Whether you see this as a more "realistic" experience or not is your call, but just be aware that you die a lot quicker in Battlefield 3.
  • Next you should be prepared to spend the first few BF3 matches getting used to the classes and maps. While the classes don't offer the same degree of customization as Call of Duty, you most certainly can switch out your primary and secondary, but a lot of the weapons play similarly. Just like most other shooters in this genre, weapon attachments are unlocked by using the weapons -- so when you find a gun you like, keep using it to make it even better for you.
  • The big attraction with classes are the gadgets that are specific to each class. Assault classes also act as medics, engineers take down and repair vehicles, support provides ammo drops, and the recon class acts as a spotter. Once you've found a class you enjoy playing, Make sure you actually play that role. You're instincts might be to shoot everyone, but take some time to heal your team, repair vehicles, spot troops and drop ammo. It'll make you a more efficient Battlefield 3 teammate, especially early on, if you aren't getting a ton of kills.
  • Which brings me to my last point for new Battlefield players: Start playing in Team Deathmatch. While the focus is on kills instead of objectives, it gives you a better opportunity to get familiar with how Battlefield 3 plays, while also letting you get some points to rank up. Once you feel comfortable, switch to the more team play oriented modes.

Tips for Battlefield 3 Conquest Noobs

  • If you've spent a lot of time in Bad Company's Rush Mode, Conquest might be a little alien to you, and that's fine. It does play a lot different in some regards than Rush, but a lot of the core mechanics work in both modes.
  • First, and most important, Communicate with your team! Conquest is all about capturing points, and the easiest way to take a point from the enemy is to coordinate with your team. Even if you only communicate with your squad, that can sometimes be the difference between taking the point and getting wiped out.
  • Secondly, know the number of points on the map you're playing. Just like way back in Battlefield 1942, capturing over half of the points will cause your enemy to slowly lose tickets, making your victory much easier. On a map with only three points, expect to fight the most over the middle flag, but the larger maps sometimes have four or five points - coordination is key to capping enough to bleed the opponent dry.

Tips for Battlefield 3 Lone-Wolves

  • Conquest for players who prefer to go it alone might prove to be difficult, depending on the map. Some Battlefield 3 maps, like Tehran Highway, give solo snipers a number of good places to provide solid overwatch and cover. Others, like Seine Crossing, are too fluid to really allow for setting up a sniper nest. Playing a different class like the assault or engineer class on Seine gives solo players more options for points, both through kills and through team help. Ultimately though, you'll get more out of Conquest if you join a squad and work together.

Battlefield 3

Tips for Battlefield 3 Squads

  • Unless the situation really calls for it, try to maintain a balanced squad. Most BF3 maps have a way for each class to operate in concert with each other, but there are points where you might need two engineers or medics. That's when you should switch up the make-up of your group.
  • Make sure your squad sticks together as much as possible - getting spread out limits the effectiveness of the medic/support classes. The only real exception is the recon - with their sniper rifles and ammo specialization, they can make due on their own for the most part.
  • Communication with your squad is paramount in Battlefield 3 - call out targets, especially vehicles. A squad of three or four should be able to take a point with relative ease if they work together. When your squad is defending a point, make sure to keep in contact, and cover each others' backs. A good squad can hold a point from most assaults, save for all out attacks.
  • Follow these BF3 tips and you'll earn that Ace Squad Ribbon, no sweat.

Battlefield 3 Vehicle Tips

Battlefield 3 PC Beta Testers Can Jump Into Caspian Border Map Today

  • Conquest takes advantage of the feature that really helps separate Battlefield from Call of Duty - player controlled, drivable vehicles. For new players, these can be a deathtrap, or a way to rack up a number of kills.
  • Most maps in BF3 Conquest feature at least one or two ground vehicles, ranging from jeeps with .50 Cal. Guns on top, to full M1A1 Abrams Main Battle tanks. For infantry, both are dangerous, but tanks are on a totally different level. The Growlers (jeeps) can be disabled with just one rocket from an engineer class, or the driver can be shot by small arms fire. Tanks require multiple rockets to take out, and can take out whatever cover you're using, and should be your first target.
  • Air combat, at least on the consoles, can be a little tricky to get the hang of, so I would recommend leaving it to experienced players until you feel comfortable flying. Air support can really help when you need to take out ground vehicles. Be prepared to fire off your flares though, as engineers can unlock anti-air rockets.
  • Ground vehicles can be used to capture points, without even leaving the vehicle, so use that to your advantage. Just be prepared for a lot of rockets if you don't have support. Engineers should be a part of your crew if you're planning on taking the tank out for a spin, just to repair the damage you will take.

Battlefield 3 Map Tips

Battlefield 3

  • Caspian Border - The Checkpoint (A) and Gas Station (D) both spawn vehicles when captured, so they should be your initial targets. Once the game hits stride though, expect a lot of fighting near the hilltop point - C. If you're defending C, have engineers mine the roads, then keep your eyes open for infantry climbing the hill sides.
  • Damavand Peak - No Base Jump required in Conquest, unfortunately, but the rest of the map plays similarly. Expect a lot of combat as the Tunnel (B) point changes hands frequently. Engineers are important on this map - there's almost constant ground vehicle support.
  • Grand Bazaar - Minimal vehicle combat means that engineers aren't a necessity, but can be useful still. There are plenty of long sight lines, but little good nest spots for snipers. The Market point will be the most contested, expect lots of close range fighting there.
  • Kharg Island - My personal favorite Battlefield 3 Conquest Map. This map is big, expect lots of vehicles out and about, including air support. Engineers will have a field day, but be wary of snipers as there are plenty of good spots to set up. The Construction building is the best spot for snipers to get an effective view of the most contended points and still have some defensive cover.
  • Noshahr Canals - My favorite map as an Engineer. The Trainyard point will spawn lightly armored vehicles, as well as one tank. The primary combat will probably be closer range infantry - expect Assault and Support classes to dominate. The sight lines aren't great for snipers, you're better off switching to a different class.
  • Seine Crossing - Limited vehicles, only spawning tanks at one point mean that Engineers aren't necessary, but become more important when the tank rolls in. There are a few buildings you can go up multiple levels in, giving snipers good sight lines and only one entrance to defend. Expect a lot of close quarters combat in the tight corridors of this map.
  • Tehran Highway - My favorite Battlefield 3 Recon map. The Truck point (B) sits below the level of the other two points, giving snipers a great view. Just be aware that most places you'll be sniping from are visible to people on the other side of the road, especially with the glare from scopes. Engineers are important, as both sides spawn vehicles at their headquarters. This map should almost always be a fun match, regardless of the class you play.
  • Operation Firestorm - Another tight map, perfect for Support and Assault classes. Engineers are good for taking out any vehicles and walls of buildings. There are some decent sight lines, but expect most of the combat to be mid-to-close range, with vehicles in there too.

Battlefield 3 Conquest Guide - Tips To Help You Dominate The Competition


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