Just Cause 3 Release Date Rumored


Posted October 26, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Six Months Worth Of Crazy Just Cause 2 Stats

Why should you think there might be a Just Cause 3 right around the corner? Just 'cause Xbox World magazine put it in their rumor section? Just 'cause they say it will be out sometime in 2012? How about this? Just Cause 2  received high review scores and (more importantly) sold pretty well too, and game companies love making money.

Here's another reason to think the game is in development: Avalance, the studio behind the game, said they'd love to be attached to a sequel, way back in May.

In an interview with Develop, studio head Christofer Sundberg said: "I think there are a lot of connections with [Avalanche and] the IP and so we hope there's still a future in it, and that future to live as long as us... We are absolutely interested in working with the Just Cause IP again."

None of this is a confirmation or anything just a desire, a golden wish that lives in the dreams of butterflies.

Personally, I loved Just Cause 2's amazing stunts and larger-than-life vibe, and have high hopes for the sequel. If you're unfamiliar, check out the video below, of a contest winning Just Cause 2 stunt.

Just Cause 2 Stunt Challenge Winning Video »

Source: VG 247

Just Cause 3 Release Date Rumored