GTA 5 Rumor Mill: Will Grand Theft Auto 5 Be In San Andreas Or On The Moon?


Posted October 25, 2011 - By Nikole Zivalich

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GTA 5 Rumor Mill: Will Grand Theft Auto 5 Be In San Andreas Or On The Moon?

GTA 5 was announced this morning via rocking splash page on RockstarGames.com. Saying we don't know much about it is an understatement. Rockstar Games released fours words: Grand Theft Auto Five. That's it. Just because we don't know anything about the game doesn't mean we won't speculate like crazy. 

I have secured my tin foil hat and am ready to talk GTA 5 rumors. My theory is GTA V will take place in San Andreas. 

Exhibit A. Los Angeles is the best city in the entire world. Exhbit B. The font and color of the word five resembles a $5 bill. San Andreas is so money. Exhibit C. The Hot Coffee scandal that shook the very foundation of this great nation took place in San Andreas. America needs more coffee! Exhibit D: Thanks to LA Noire, Rockstar already has a realistic mock-up of Los Angeles to work with. Exhibit E: When I google "GTA 5" the first search result takes me to Rockstargames.com/SanAndreas.

GTA: San Andreas came out back in 2004 for the PS2, where it holds the title of best selling PS2 game. Set in the 1992, GTA:SA featured the streets of LA, the twists and turns of SF and the lights of Vegas. Now picture that setting with next-gen graphics in glorious 1080p exactly 10 years later, 2012. We already know Rockstar likes to celebrate the 10th anniversary with things, like with the iOS version of GTA 3. 

Back in March there were rumors Rockstar was casting voice actors for GTA 5. One of the characters they were said to be looking for was obsessed with "being a Hollywood celebrity." I live in LA, there are tons of girls here who fit that bill! 

That's my theory and I'm sticking it to it. Everyone around the G4 offices has their own take on the next GTA. Keep reading to see what the staff of G4, Aots and X-Play think.

Stephen Johnson: TheFeed Editor

Since GTA games have already taken place in cities all over the country, I predict the “hook” of the next GTA won’t be the location. Instead, it will Time. I’d like to see a game that starts in the mid 1970s, and continues through the 1980s, 1990s to the present. The city's template doesn’t matter as much. Either that, or the entire game will be set in Bismark, North Dakota, my favorite capitol city and by far my favorite state.

Blain Howard: X-Play Content Executive

I TOTALLY hear that it is going to be first person. 

Becky Jutzi: SEO Analyst

The location will be Las Vegas and it will entwine with the Casinos and brothels. The city of sin is a perfect match for the GTA ensemble. I can’t wait to see the Vegas strip!

JP Shub: X-Play Producer

I hear the guns have all been replaced with walkie talkies. 

Moye Ishimoto: AOTS Web Team

I speculate that this game will have lots of cars. I hope that this game actually takes place in the early 1900’s and features the Ford Model T.

Rob Juster: The Big Boss

I guarantee that the control scheme will still suck.

Jake Gaskill: Previews Editor

  1. San Andreas/Mexico (in place of Vegas) (Get the most out of those LA Noire/Red Dead assets)
  2. D.C. – Rockstar taking the issue of game violence to Washington would be kind of great
  3. Chicago – Just because we haven’t seen it before

Antonio Hernadez: Social Media Team

There will still be a ridiculous amount of cutscenes.

Mike D'Alonzo: Managing Editor of New Media

It's going to take place on the moon, a thousand years from now...and there will still be angry bikers in it.

Matt Keil: X-Play Producer

I just want planes back. But I guess that’s what Saints Row is for.

Jacklin Maisyan: Social Media Team

I heard that the game’s main character will be totally naked. The entire time.

So there you have it, our wonderfully misinformed opinions. I imagine we'll know much more when Rockstar release the first GTA V trailer next week, November 2. Until then, where do you think GTA 5 will take place?

Tips? Suggestions? Find me on Twitter.

GTA 5 Rumor Mill: Will Grand Theft Auto 5 Be In San Andreas Or On The Moon?


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