Rocksmith Evaluation: Does It Rock? Roll?

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Posted October 24, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson


The music game genre didn't die with the last editions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band; but it has changed drastically. On one end of the spectrum are ultra casual Facebook rhythm games, and on the other is uber-serious Rocksmith. Rocksmith is the music game that teaches you how to play guitar. Real guitar. X-Play's own rocker and/or roller J.P. Shub got his hand on the game and found it groovy (as the musicians say.)

In my opinion, calling Rocksmith a game is misleading. Yes, it has achievements and awards you points, but it actually has much more in common with an exercise game than it does Guitar Hero. There are no avatars to customize, no gods of rock to conquer and no quest for greatness to complete. This is a niche product with one purpose: teach you to play guitar. If you’re looking for a quick jaunt through rock ‘n’ roll history filled with flash and fury and finger cramps on the way to the top of the leaderboards, you can stop reading now, because Rocksmith is not for you.

Check out the rest of our Rocksmith review to see how the game holds up. And if words aren't you're thing, or you'd rather see the rocking in action, check out our video review after the jump.

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Rocksmith Evaluation: Does It Rock? Roll?


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