Batman: Arkham City Comes To iOS With Map App Guide


Posted October 24, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

Batman: Arkham City

If you're someone who loves video games then you and I probably had the same experience this weekend: hours spent in front of the TV, fighting crime and righting wrongs in Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham City. The game features a confounding number of Riddler challenges (which we have a Riddler Trophy Location Guide), puzzles scattered throughout the open world that number in the hundreds. It's hard enough finding them all, let alone solving them. Fortunately, a new iOS app has you covered.

The Batman: Arkham City Official Map App is available on iTunes as a universal app for $2.99. The game's open world is broken into discrete, selectable maps by neighborhood and indoor locations, with players able to select and obtain solutions for individual puzzles. As anyone who has already explored Arkham City knows, the challenge often isn't in finding the puzzle, but in solving it.

Source: iTunes

Batman: Arkham City Comes To iOS With Map App Guide