Battlefield 3 Package Contains Medal Of Honor Tease


Posted October 24, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

Medal of Honor Sets Franchise Pre-Sale Record

Battlefield 3 is out this week. Tomorrow, in fact. Perhaps you've heard of it? The DICE-developed shooter has been riding a hype train for awhile now, going as far back as last year's Medal of Honor and the BF3 beta invite included in each Limited Edition version's package. Now DICE is returning the favor, with a leaflet enclosed in retail copies of the latest Battlefield (pictured below) that pimps a new Medal of Honor game.

There's not a whole lot of information to be gleaned from the simple flyer, which features a styled shield/game logo and a URL pointing to the official MedalofHonor.com website. The site doesn't offer any info on a sequel to last year's game, or any other sort of MoH follow-up, but the "rating pending" logo on the leaflet is a strong indication that this is a new game rather than an attempt to milk a few more dollars out of the 2010 game.

Interestingly, the leaflet image only features a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network logos. Whether that's because the leaflet was packed into a PS3 copy of Battlefield or because the game will be a console-exclusive (doubtful) remains to be seen. New Medal of Honor though! Yay?

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Battlefield 3 Package Contains Medal Of Honor Tease


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Battlefield 3 Package Contains Medal Of Honor Tease