Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Knight Guide -- An Elegant Guide For A More Civilized Age


Posted October 20, 2011 - By Sophie Prell

Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Knight Guide: An Elegant Guide For A More Civilized Age

This Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Knight class guide, for levels 1-10, is here to guide and inform you on what it means to be a Jedi Knight in The Old Republic. If you're looking at your pre-order of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and you're thinking to yourself, “Jedi Knights, Bounty Hunters, Sith Inquisitors, oh my! How will I ever choose which to play?” Well good friends, that's what we're here for.

You Should Play A Jedi Knight If: You want to be first in line on the battlefield, charging through enemy territory and picking fights. The Jedi Knight can break off into the Sentinel or Guardian Avanced Classes (we'll talk more about these later), which will outfit her with DPS or tank talent trees, respectively. In either case, you'll be swinging lightsabers and cutting down foes up close and personal, just like Mace Windu and Obi-wan Kenobi.

Background: Jedi Knights are the idol defenders of the Republic; the valiant knights of old, noble and upstanding, though they have been in hiding since the Sith invasion and now train on the ancient homeworld of Tython. They fight fueled by the Light Side of the Force, with acrobatic maneuvers and superhuman ability. The Jedi Knight often prefers to let her swords do the talking, especially when compared to her mystical counterpart, the Jedi Consular.

This means that the Jedi Knight relies heavily upon her lightsaber, leaping – often literally – to the front of battle. For levels 1-10, the Knight has no ranged attack to speak of, and is not spec'd for blasters. That's why they receive, instead a boost to health, above average DPS, and the ability to wear medium-class armor.

Jedi Knights fear no enemy, so they aren't afraid to charge in alone against a group of three, sometimes four, five, or even six foes. They are a simple yet refined group of warriors, without much pomp and circumstance surrounding their battles. Instead, a Jedi Knight will often leap into battle, building up Focus with basic attacks until she can finish an enemy off with a more powerful cut.

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How You Play A Jedi Knight: Much like the World of Warcraft Warrior class, the Jedi Knight must build up her Focus by performing specific, more basic, attacks before she can expend it on flashier, more powerful moves. Some of the Knight's coolest, most powerful abilities cost the most Focus, so you'll have to decide if the risk of basic hacking away at that combat droid in the beginning of the fight is worth the reward of cutting it down later with one awe-inspiring slice.

How To Plan Your Future As A Jedi Knight: As mentioned above, the Jedi Knight can become a dual-wielding Sentinel or heavy armor-toting Guardian when she chooses her Advanced Class. While you won't have to worry about any of your choices during levels 1-10 forever affecting which class is a viable option, you may want to think ahead to start getting the feel of your choice.


The Sentinel is a master of melee DPS, though they sacrifice endurance to become so. Still, there are few sights as dazzling or awe-inspiring as the acrobatic array that is the Sentinel in combat. The Sentinel has three skill trees, all based around different lightsaber forms:

  • Watchman, which teaches Juyo form, a stance that increases damage the longer a battle lasts.
  • Combat, which teaches Ataru form, a flat increase to DPS-related abilities.
  • Focus, which teaches Shii-Cho and rounds out the Knight's previously weak Force abilities.

The Guardian is perhaps the most symbolic tank in the game, so much so that players can forget that the Trooper may be better suited to the role, depending on the situation. What weaknesses the Guardian had as a Knight are quickly neutralized and the resulting strengths are just as soon utilized to inspire and buff party members. The Guardian's three skill trees are:

  • Vigilance, a DPS tree for the Guardian, providing mastery over single-weapon offense.
  • Defense, an increase in (surprise!) defense, but also provides a significant increase to the Guardian's number of buffs.
  • Focus, the same as the Sentinel's Focus tree, teaching Shii-Cho and more potent Force abilities.

Lastly, keep in mind that you are still a Knight of the Jedi Order no matter which Advanced Class you should choose, meaning your story will progress as that class, not of an Advanced Class. Same goes for abilities: some are granted for being a Knight, regardless of Advanced Class. So don't worry! You're not missing out on anything Knight-related by choosing one over the other!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Knight Guide: An Elegant Guide For A More Civilized Age

Jedi Knight Equipment: The Jedi Knight is one of two Republic classes who can wear heavy armor in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Or rather, it is once you've decided on your Advanced Class, should you choose Guardian. For levels 1-10, you'll be wearing medium armor, focusing on building up your character's Strength and Endurance.

As mentioned earlier, Jedi Knights do not use blasters. But you may be surprised that you likely won't receive a lightsaber until level 8-10, either. Instead, you'll be wielding vibroblades picked off of enemies, as well as your own training saber. It seems disappointing until you think back to how long it took in the original KOTOR to receive a lightsaber, and how logically the remaining Jedi in The Old Republic can't just go around handing lightsabers off to everyone; you'll slice your eye out, kid!

Jedi Knight Skills: The Jedi Knight – as of this writing – can have seven abilities for levels 1-10. Almost all of these use or otherwise affect Focus, though some are simply passive. SWTOR breaks players in slowly, allowing for a non-MMO veteran – or mayhaps someone who wasn't too keen on the idea of the next KOTOR being an MMO? – to pick up on subtleties like key cycles at their own pace.

All classes in SWTOR start with at least one buff, but the Jedi Knight starts with two. One is an ability, while the other is technically a “form” you take wielding a weapon. You'll want to keep both up at all times, making sure they haven't expired before you charge into a fight. It may not be the difference between victory and defeat, but it could be the difference between a fun time and a frustrating one.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Knight Guide: An Elegant Guide For A More Civilized Age

That being said, keep in mind that there's still time for abilities to be changed, nerfed, buffed, added, or even removed completely. So while the following list of Jedi Knight abilities reflects some of the most useful for levels 1-10 in the beta, it is by no means a finalized or objectively best list.

  • Force Might: The Knight's first buff. Increases both the damage dealt and healing of a friendly target or self while active. If given in a party, this affects the entire party as well.
  • Slash: An invaluable attack for learning the Knight's ins and outs. The Knight's blade whirls and cuts through enemies for moderate damage.
  • Force Leap: An excellent opening attack, and if you find yourself in competition for a group of mobs, a great way to move in quick and claim the enemies for yourself. The Knight jumps to a far-off target, dealing damage and interrupting the target's current action.
  • Force Sweep: A good follow-up to Force Leap. Charge in with Leap and blow Sweep to cause kinetic damage and stun enemies within, opening up your chances to attack without fear of reprisal.

The Jedi Knight is a warrior who gets up close and personal, and isn't the type to hold back in her saber swings. If you want to be the best saber duelist in history, leading your friends into the heat of battle, keep these abilities in mind. However, if you want to experience the power of the Force and the way it can manipulate your surroundings, then the Force-wielding Consular may be more your style.

Jedi Knight Closing Thoughts: Of all the starting classes, the Jedi Knight feels like one of the most basic and probably the most familiar to KOTOR veterans. The above average Endurance stat means you'll very rarely find yourself against the ropes (at least for levels 1-10), and the ability to close distance with Force Leap quickly nullifies any advantage a ranged enemy could hold over you.

With Sweep, the Jedi Knight also has some basic crowd control under her belt, meaning that while on the surface the class seems like a simple hack 'n slash, it's actually one of the most versatile and solo-friendly in the game. The Knight's story is also one of my personal favorites, with certain moments that really did challenge my desire to adhere to the Jedi Code. It also contains an awesome twist that propels players at breakneck speed to the end of the class' starting quest while subtly hinting the Jedi Order may not truly be as cohesive or stable as it appears to be.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Knight Guide: An Elegant Guide For A More Civilized Age

What do you think from what's been seen of the Jedi Knight so far? Planning to roll one when the Star Wars: The Old Republic release date of December 20 hits? If not, don't worry! Be on the lookout for my SWTOR Beta Jedi Consular Guide, as well as guides to every other class in The Old Republic to see if any of these classes fit your playstyle better.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Knight Guide -- An Elegant Guide For A More Civilized Age


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