Saints Row The Third Hands-On: Inner-City Fun!


Posted October 19, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Saints Row 3

Jake "Hood Rat" Gaskill is from the streets, so the gangs and guns of Saints Row The Third appeal to his inner need for chaos and/or destruction. He got his hands on the game recently and checked out hours of the story, but was most drawn to the self-directed, just messing-around possibilities of the game. Here's a taste of his preview:

"After playing a couple story missions, we decided to just goof around a bit, something SRTT could not value more. It started out with us catapulting each other out of the cannon strapped to the top of a vehicle known as the Manapult. It has a Professor Genki-licensed, cat-shaped vacuum on the front that can suck up several people at a time and then you can shoot them to their deaths. Then we decided to check out the various customization features, which include not only the ability to personalize your character (including the option to increase/decrease the size of your breasts and/or dong to raise/lower your sex appeal), but also your cars and even the members of your gang, from their outfits to their gender."

Check out the rest of our Saints Row 3 preview.

Saints Row The Third Hands-On: Inner-City Fun!


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