Dance Central 2 Verdict - Get Your Moves Ready

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Posted October 17, 2011 - By Dan Fasulo

Dance Central 2

If there's one thing I love about the Kinect, it's the potential to bust a move and show off my mad skills on the dance floor with Dance Central 2. I loved the first game - it's a staple at any get together my group of friends have, so I'm looking forward to the sequel. Lucky for me, Harmonix served up a worthy successor to the original.

"Perform It mode features drop-in/drop-out gameplay, making it perfect for a party setting. Anyone can hop in at any time and it actually works pretty seamlessly.The only thing is that when you jump in, you automatically start dancing at whatever difficulty level the first dancer chose, which isn't a big deal and could lead to some very hilarious "Hard" performances from ignorant partygoers."

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Dance Central 2 Verdict - Get Your Moves Ready