Firefall's Dreadnaught Battleframe Revealed In Exclusive New Trailer


Posted October 17, 2011 - By Jake Gaskill

G4’s Epictober 2011 continues today with X-Play's exclusive look at the newly revealed Dreadnaught Battleframe from Red 5 Studios’ Action-MMO-RPG Firefall.

This heavy weapon tank class packs some serious firepower, and is the perfect option for players who like hunkering down and mowing fools down from a cozy little spot on the battlefield. Don’t believe me? Check out this exclusive Dreadnaught trailer to see it in action:

Firefall "The Dreadnaught" Trailer Exclusive »

Hit the jump to find out more about the Dreadnaught’s unique skill set.


  • Heavy Armor - White translucent shields rotate around the Dreadnaught while he takes less damage from incoming shots.
  • Turret Mode - Locks the Dreadnaught in place, limiting his turning mobility but providing a big boost in offensive damage capability.
  • Thunder Dome - Creates a force field around the Dreadnaught's current position for a period of time, locking in any enemies inside as well as blocking any external shots.
  • Dread field - Creates an area of effect that for each enemy within the radius, and amplifies the Dreadnaught's damage by 10% for each enemy for up to 300% damage maximum.
  • Repulsor Blast - Charged ability that knocks players back in all directions with energy drain/damage as secondary effects.


  • Heavy Machine Gun - Gatling-style with rotating barrels.
  • Alt Fire:
    • Spin up - Reduces the ramp up time of the HMG at the expense of some energy to keep the barrel spinning (Players achieve maximum fire rate immediately)
    • Shield - Energy shield that appears in front of the Dreadnaught, blocks shots and consumes energy (toggleable), higher Tiers can reflect shots as well.

And if that wasn't enough info for you, be sure to check out these fine pieces of Firefall content if you haven't already:

Firefall's Dreadnaught Battleframe Revealed In Exclusive New Trailer


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