Resident Evil 5 Accident: 16 Zombies Injured In On-Set Mishap


Posted October 11, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

 Resident Evil 5

This morning in Toronto, 16 zombies were injured on the set of the Resident Evil 5 movie. "Big deal," I'll bet your thinking, "I killed like 16 jillion zombies last night." Well, my cynical friend: These were real zombies. Or, more accurately, real actors dressed as zombies.

According to completely reputable news source TMZ, a gaggle of fully-made up actors were standing on set with wheels. The set  "suddenly moved," and 16 zombified-actors plummeted over 20 feet to the ground. That's like falling off the roof of a two-story house! Reportedly, none of the injuries were life-threatening, but there were still broken limbs and back injuries, so it's not like this wasn't a serious deal.

Here's a macabre detail: The actors were so heavily made up with fake wounds and gore, EMTs had trouble determining real injuries from fake ones. Unlike real zombies, the actors did not simply continue shambling along with broken legs and spines. They were taken to a local hospital to be patched up.

Let's hope the zombies get better soon, yeah?

Source: TMZ

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Resident Evil 5 Accident: 16 Zombies Injured In On-Set Mishap


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