Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

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Posted October 10, 2011 - By Guest Writer

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

Hi, this is the OVERKILL crew - and we're gonna talk a little bit about the arsenal available in our upcoming PS3/PC game. In Payday, you gain cash by completing objectives and challenges. Cash is much like Experience Points in that you unlock certain weapons, equipment, upgrades, and perks as you reach certain amounts of cash - you "level up".

Payday has an extensive upgrade tree with 144 upgrades available - and it's divided into three branches: "Assault", "Support" and "Sharpshooter". Each branch awards you with its own unique set of weapons and upgrades that suit the play style that the branch is named after. At any point in the game, you can switch between the branches and the next time you level up you get whatever is next in line on that upgrade branch. It's rather clever: As you choose what you want as a reward at the level up *ahead* of leveling up, there's no interruption in the game-play where you need to go into a menu or anything to "buy" rewards for the XP you've collected.

What's nice is that in Payday you can carry three weapons at a time: One primary weapon, either of the two SMGs or the smaller shotgun as a secondary, and on top of that - either of the three handguns as a sidearm. Anyway, why are we wasting time talking about all this!? Let's have a look at that arsenal!

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

This is the B9-S - along with the AMCAR-4 it's one of the two weapons you start out with in the game. It's 9mm has a suppressor so it sounds frickin' cool - what more can you ask for?

No but seriously, despite being rather weak (at least before you upgrade it) it can be very useful even after you've acquired more powerful sidearms: Because of its low caliber it seldom kills an enemy on a single shot, so you can use it to just wound a law enforcer which makes him more responsive to intimidation. Gee, that would be a rather controversial statement if taken out of context, now wouldn't it?

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

This is the AMCAR-4, which together with the B9-S described above is one of the weapons you start out with.
It's a very well balanced fully automatic assault rifle and thanks to its available upgrades (larger ammo clips, new barrel for better accuracy) it's likely to remain a recurring weapon of choice even as you acquire a wider arsenal! Once you get the reflex sight for it, this weapon is an instant favorite!

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

This is the Mark 11 a very nice suppressed submachine gun - every thug needs one! Compared to the other SMG available in the game (the COM5) the Mark 11 has a wider spread but does more damage. It's a great secondary weapon to complemnent a primary that has better range (such as the AMCAR-4 or the M308) with some additional spray-and-pray ability! Need we say the suppressor makes it sound frickin' cool?

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga! Is that an incoming steam train? Is that a mounted machinegun? No, it's the Locomotive 12 G - a compact, stockless quick-action 12 gauge shotgun with a folding foregrip.
"The Loco" - as veteran users like to call it - complements the other shotgun (the Reinbeck 880) with its wider spread (and therefore shorter effective range). What's nice for you shotgun fans out there is that since the Reinbeck is a primary weapon and The Loco is a secondary, you can carry both at the same time! That just made your day, didn't it?

Oh, and you can get the foregrip upgraded with tape to get that desirable "makeshift" look as well as increase the fire rate! If you don't have one of these hidden under your trenchcoat, we don't think anyone at the bank will actually believe you're really about to rob the place! Show you mean business and get one.

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

The Crosskill .45 (C45 shortened) is a very reliable handgun that has proven its worth over years of widespread use. It does enough damage and carries enough rounds to make it a good allrounder that can take on most targets. It has slightly more recoil than the B9-S, but compensates with its higher firepower.

As professional praxis demands, we always sleep in our easy chair with sunglasses on and one of these on the side table.

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

The M308 used to be exclusive to the military - but thanks to the many resourceful fences in the criminal underworld this semi automatic assault rifle has found its way onto the black market. If one well placed 7.62 mm round is all you need - this is your definite weapon of choice!

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

The COMPACT-5 (COM-5 shortened) submachine gun is hands down the most frequently used weapon of special operations units. This sweet SMG has it all: Compact design, classy black finish... It even has little red symbols to indicate the "single shot", "burst" and "full auto" fire modes (which you'll never use anyway because you'll have it on "full auto" all the time, sprayin' and laughin'!)

Some might say that the COM-5 has a weak stopping power, and to those people we say "what? You don't know where you're supposed to put the bullets or what!?" Cause the COM-5 shoots straight as a ruler, so in the hands of anybody who knows where bullets need to go (now we're making a circular motion with our index finger in front of our faces) this weapon is as dangerous as any other!

If you've picked firepower over accuracy in your choice of primary weapon, the COM-5 is the weapon that will bring some accuracy to your arsenal!

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

Alright, this thing is the BEAST! The Bronco .44 was commonly used to hunt so called "big game", so we're willing to bet you could use this thing to stop a frickin' rhino! You better do it in six shots though because after that you'll have to reload - and that takes about two and a half eternities (yeah that's "eternity" in plural).

Anyway, as you can tell by the name, this sucker packs a mean punch that goes both ways. You'll be glad to have this one to defend yourself with when you find yourself on the ground in a pool of your own blood with a Bulldozer standing over you, laughing.

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

If you're willing to trade fire rate for raw, indesputible fire power - then join the Reinbeck club, friendo. Yeah sure it looks lean, but it's mean: It's the Reinbeck 12 gauge bore shotgun. The crunchy cocking sound alone will put a sinister smile on your face.

With its superior pellet concentration it offers an accuracy that far exceeds that of the Locomotive 12 g - this badass is a scalpel in comparison... If a scalpel could blow a hole in someone's torso with the push of button, that is! Now get this mother and go all surgical on those oncoming SWATs!

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

Here's your ace in the hole, the joker in your deck... This is a whole pack of nasty trip mines and they actually won't occupy either of your usual weapon slots - so you can bring three firearms PLUS this beautiful bundle of death! (You just have to do without the bag of extra ammo or medic kits to make space in your big black duffle bag.)

What's nice is that none of the robbers can accidently trip the laser beam and set off the bomb! We don't know how the scientists did this, but the laser somehow only reacts to law enforcers!

Insider hint: Put a trip mine on the ground, switch off the laser beam (yeah you can switch it on and off as you please) and then when some enemy who can take a LOT of damage (*cough* Bulldozer *cough*) stands near it, shoot at the trip mine (preferably with a weapon that has some spread, so that you know you'll hit it) and BAM! That sucker is GONE!

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist

Alright, we've saved the best for last: The Brenner 21 7.62 machinegun. It was originally designed to be mounted on a tripod - can you imagine carrying one of these powerhouses around? This beast is so loud, we intentionally mixed distortion into its sound! Jokes aside, this is a wonderful piece of machinery that is can mow down hordes of SWATs, FBI agents - or whatever crowd you're currently up against.

Just keep in mind that the ammo clip is huuuge (and can be upgraded to become even hugerer) so you need to resist that reflex to make a tactical reload after every burst - because the reload time is pretty damn close to sideways eight... At least when glass shards are raining over you as Heavy SWATs are rappelling down from the skylights and landing on your sorry ass!

So, those are all of the weapons that are *currently* available in Payday: The Heist - but more are coming through DLC!
The six heist currently available in the game (yeah, more of those will come through DLC as well) offer a wide spectrum of close quarters and outdoors locations - and everything in between.

So get ready to try out differen loadouts - or why not divide it between you and your friends to play different roles: One's the machinegunner who provides covering fire, another cuts through the enemy lines with an up-close and personal shotgun approach while a third stays in the back in an elevated (and trip mine-sprinkled) location, picking off law enforcers one by one with an M308. Where's the fourth guy? Aw man, he just shot two civilians... Hey, who vouched for this mo'fo'!?

Payday: The Heist is coming to PS3 and PC through digital distribution (PSN/Steam) later this month. It's $20. Check out www.payday-theheist.com, www.overkillsoftware.com and OVERKILL's twitter account @overkill_tm for updates!

Your Guide To The Weapons of Payday: The Heist


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