Xbox 360 Control From Your Windows Phone With Xbox Companion App


Posted October 6, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Lineup

In case it hasn't been made abundantly clear, Microsoft is looking to thread together its PC, mobile and gaming platforms. Next year's release of Windows 8 will bring a lot of these ideas to the forefront, but Windows Phone 7 is already making headway in the cross-platform space. A newly revealed upcoming WP7 app will allow Xbox 360 users to take control of their console... remotely.

The Xbox Companion App is "coming soon" to Microsoft OS-powered devices, according to The Windows Blog. In addition to being able to search through Xbox Live Marketplace and explore additional information about the content there on the web, you'll actually have the option of using your mobile device as what amounts to a remote control for your Xbox 360. There's no specific release date, but you can safely bet we won't see this app until after the new console dashboard launches later this year.

Source: The Windows Blog

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Xbox 360 Control From Your Windows Phone With Xbox Companion App