League Of Legends Dominion Guide: Strategies To Dominate In The Crystal Scar


Posted October 5, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

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We've created this League of Legends Dominion guide to get you up to speed on LoL's newest game mode. If you're not familiar with Dominion yet, it's an entirely new, and entirely free, fast-paced experience that has exploded in to the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre.

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Overview: Generally in MOBA games like Dota 2, League of Legends, or Heroes of Newerth, your goal is to destroy the opponent's base. But in Dominion, your goal is to capture and defend up to five points around a very small map called The Crystal Scar. Champions start Dominion at level 3 with 1,375 gold and gain experience and gold at a much faster rate than in the standard League of Legends game on Summoner's Rift.

Each team starts with 500 points, and whichever team holds the least amount of areas loses their points. For example, if Team A has three areas and Team B has two areas, Team B will start losing points. If Team A has four areas and Team B has one area, Team B will lose points at a faster rate. If both Team A and Team B have equal points captured then neither team will lose points. The team that loses all of their points first loses.

League of Legends Dominion Guide: Tips and Tricks To Dominate LoL's Newest Game Mode

New Items: Dominion introduces a variety of new items which replace items that would otherwise imbalance the fast-paced gameplay. For example, an item like the Sanguine Blade in Dominion, which give 60 Attack Damage, 15 Life Steal, and adds a passive ability that one hit gives your champion +5 attack damage and 1% life steal for 54 seconds replaces The Bloodthirster from the original game type. The Bloodthirster has the same stats as the Sanguine Blade except that its passive would give bonuses as you kill creeps and Champions. Since you don't farm creeps or jungle in Dominion, the Sanguine Blade, which is made out of the same items as the Bloodthirster, is more balanced for Dominion. There are ten new items altogether.

The Map: The Crystal Scar map is brand new to League of Legends and was made especially for Dominion. It features five capture points: The Windmill, The Boneyard, The Quarry, The Refinery, and The Drill. Controlling these capture points is the entire point of Dominion.

In order to capture a point all you have to do is right click it and begin channeling. It takes about ten seconds to fully capture a point the other team holds. If you get hit while channeling by an enemy champion you will stop channeling but creeps won't stop your channel. Capture points must become neutralized (via channeling) before your team can capture it. Also, if your team captures a point, then enemies fighting on that point will take hits from the point as if it were taking tower damage in regular League of Legends. However, as soon as you begin channeling the point it stops attacking.

Quests: Dominion also features dynamic quests that are new to League of Legends. The quest objectives are always to either defend one point or to capture another point. The point that you need to capture or defend will always be adjacent to the point that the other team is capturing or defending. Whichever team manages to take the quest point first will give their team a 10% damage buff--a huge boost in power that can easily change the tide of the game.

Buffs: There are three different types of buffs available to players in Dominion outside of the quest buffs. Buffs can and should be used frequently in Dominion to give you a strong advantage. Whether that be using the buffs to get away from enemy champions or using them in order to kill champions and capture points is all up to the player. The different types of buffs are speed shrines, health relics, and greater relics.

  • Speed Shrines: Speed shrines are basically speed buffs spread throughout the middle of the map. They give your champion a significant but short movement speed bonus and never disappear.
  • Health Relics: Health relics, or health packs, spawn at specific locations around the map at regular intervals. They restore a bit of both health and mana if you pick them up.
  • Greater Relics: One Greater Relic spawns in the center of the map for each time at various intervals throughout the game. If you manage to pick up the Relic you get a buff that not only adds a very strong nuke to your champion's auto attacks and spells, but it also gives your champion a shield that absorbs damage.

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Champions: All of the Champions available in regular League of Legends are also available to play with in Dominion. However, there are some champions that are much more viable in this game mode than others. In general, Tank champions are very good in Dominion while Carry and Support Champions aren't as good. This is for several reasons.

First, Tank champions are good at defending capture points for a long time, and the longer you hold a capture point, the longer you (generally) are going to be keeping your points. Tanks are also good for fighting squishy enemies who can't take much damage. Due to their large health pool and high amounts of armor, Tanks can withstand a lot of damage and dish out a decent amount as well.

DPS Champions are extremely viable in Dominion as well. These types of champions can dish out tons of damage and are great at getting enemies off of capture points.

The only types of Champions that aren't so great are Carries and squishy casters. Carry types basically lose a lot of their value in Dominion because they can't solo and farm lanes like they can in regular League of Legends to level up faster and gank to get ahead. Everyone generally levels and gains money at the same rate in Dominion, so these types of characters lose some of their luster. Squishy casters aren't so good because the tanks and damage dealers can beat the crap out of them before they can do most of their damage or offer much support.

That said, this is all my opinion and if you love playing a certain Champion they're all still available in Dominion. Here are my top five champions for Dominion:

League of Legends Dominion Guide: Tips and Tricks To Dominate LoL's Newest Game ModeRammus - Rammus is a great hero in Dominion because of his great versatility and mobility. He can use his powerball ability to rapidly accelerate towards points which is crucial in Dominion. He's also a great tank character who can dish out tons of damage to attack capture points or defend one his team already owns.

 League of Legends Dominion Guide: Tips and Tricks To Dominate LoL's Newest Game ModeAkali - Akali is a lethal assassin who is great at taking on some of the squishier champions in Dominion. She can get away easily with her Twilight Shroud ability, or deal devastating damage to enemies with Shadow Dance. Akali is a great character to patrol around the map and take out the characters who are caught wandering around from point to point.

League of Legends Dominion Guide: Tips and Tricks To Dominate LoL's Newest Game ModeJax - Jax isn't too fast but his Leap Strike and Counter Strike abilities makes him an asset to any Dominion team. He can easily take on any squishier characters one on one and he's great at defending points with his great mix of crowd control abilities and high amount of hit points.

League of Legends Dominion Guide: Tips and Tricks To Dominate LoL's Newest Game ModePoppy - Poppy may be short and cute but her Devastating Blow coupled with her Heroic Charge abilities are a crucial combination to both kiting enemies around capture points or straight up killing other enemy heroes. She deals one hell of a punch, and she also can use her Paragon of Demacia ability to run around the map faster.

League of Legends Dominion Guide: Tips and Tricks To Dominate LoL's Newest Game ModeAlistar - Alistar is one of the kings of crowd control, making him a prime character for Dominion. With his Headbutt ability he can knock champions away from a capture point, or throw them in the air with his Pulverize ability. His strong tanking abilities also allow him to be a perfect defender for any point.


Dominion Strategy: Here are a few tips and tricks that you might want to keep in mind if you want to achieve victory in Dominion.

  • Since you start off with so much money, it's generally a great idea to buy any variety of speed boots at the start of the game. It's important to move fast in Dominion, and you're always going to be on the go. The faster you move, the faster you can get to points to capture or defend them.
  • The fastest way to the windmill at the beginning of the game is by going through the middle of the map and grabbing the Speed Relic. In other words, don't go around the side of the map, go through the middle to get there faster!
  • Creeps aren't very important to kill in Dominion, so don't waste your precious time farming them for money. Creeps do help you channel a point if you're capturing it, but in general you can just run around them to capture a point faster.
  • It's important to kill enemy champions first and capture points second in most cases. If you're going to be able to finish capturing a point before another champion reaches you, then obviously continue channeling until the point is captured. However, if a point is neutral then you should go after the enemy hero and try to kill them so that you're free to capture the point and maybe its adjacent point before other champions can catch up to you.
  • It's much more difficult to capture and hold the points that are far away from your base as the enemy champions can just resurrect and take them with full health and fresh items in a lot of cases. This means two things: first, it's easier to hold the points nearest your own base. Second, if you can hold the points far away from your base, you'll be able to have map control and will be able to know where the enemy is going most of the time. Therefore, if you can, try to hold the points farther away from your base if you can.  That said, it's very important to just hold three points and defend. The other team does lose points at a faster rate if they only have one or two points held, but as long as you have three points you can win the game. It honestly doesn't matter which three points you hold as long you hold them and can defend them against the other team.
  • If the other team is fiercely defending one point with the majority of their champions, just run through the middle of the map and try to steal a point from them. Chances are they won't notice you until you're halfway there and you'll be able to at least neutralize it and drag some of their members away from the first point so that you can then take it back.

League of Legends Dominion Guide: Tips and Tricks To Dominate LoL's Newest Game Mode

Hopefully with some of the tips and tricks you've picked up here you'll be well on your way to dominating your opponents in Dominion. Let me know if this guide was helpful, and if you have any personal tips and tricks of your own that you love using in Dominion. I personally love Dominion and think that it's a fresh and exciting departure from the standard MOBA style. What do you think?

If you want to get your hands on League of Legends Dominion you can download for free via the official League of Legends website.

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League Of Legends Dominion Guide: Strategies To Dominate In The Crystal Scar


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