Xbox 720 Ad Spotted In Real Steel Trailer


Posted October 5, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

 Xbox 720 Ad Spotted In Real Steel Trailer

It's finally not to early to talk about the next-generation of consoles! (Check out our feature on what's going on in the next-gen right here.) Although there's no official announce of the Xbox 720, Microsoft's no-doubt carefully constructed launch hype seems to be already underway, people. The screenshot you see above, taken from the trailer for upcoming robot-beat-up movie Real Steel, clearly shows an Xbox 720 advertisements in the stands of the giant-robot-fighting stadium.

Real Steel is a science-fiction movie set in the near future, so it could be explained away as a bit of poetic license on the part of the film-makers, the real world of big budget movie financing doesn't work that way. The ads you see in the trailer are all for real products from real companies (Coke, Cadillac, etc.), and it stands to reason these companies both paid for and approved the ads in the trailer. So while this can't really be taken as a confirmation of the name (and existence) of the Xbox 720, and it's no-doubt tongue-in-cheek, it's a "real" ad... kind of. I mean, I expect a new logo when the thing really launches, but as far as raising awareness, it works.

Check out the detailed view under the "Read More" tag.

Xbox 720 Ad Spotted In Real Steel Trailer

I'll call Microsoft in a bit and see if they have anything to say about this, so stay tuned!

(Thanks to Redditor Alecm3327 who posted it to Reddit's gaming forum.)

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Xbox 720 Ad Spotted In Real Steel Trailer


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