Diablo 3 Beta Demon Hunter Guide: Double the Crossbows, Double The Fun


Posted September 29, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Diablo 3 Details - Demon Hunter intro, New Traits and Skills, Talisman

We've put together this Diablo 3 Beta Demon Hunter guide to get you up to speed on the most relentless class coming to Blizzard’s upcoming action role playing game. This handy guide gives you all the most important info on the Demon Hunter from the Diablo 3 beta at a glance.

You Should Play A Demon Hunter If: If you love standing back and slaying enemies from afar, or finding the most strategic way to take down a monster, then the Demon Hunter could be for you. Specializing in ranged weaponry and traps, Demon Hunters, unlike some of the other Diablo 3 classes, need to take their environment into account when bringing down their enemies.

Background: Demon Hunters are a group of fanatical warriors who have but one purpose: to avenge their friends and families who were butchered by demons and hellspawn. Every arrow that a Demon Hunter launches is, "dipped in spite" and "delivered with hatred." This fuels them to keep hunting, as every demon who falls to their deadly attacks makes the world that much safer.

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The key features of the Demon Hunter include ranged weapons, shadow magic, traps, and battle tactics. A Demon Hunter has more precision with a ranged weapon than any other class in Diablo 3, and they use this extra skill to equip various artillery like longbows, grenades, hand-thrown weapons, and even dual-wielded crossbows. With shadow magic, the Demon Hunter can cloak themselves and slip between the shadows to sneak up on their enemies. 

Demon Hunters are extremely agile but they can't withstand much damage. Therefore, they use traps to slow their enemies down so that they can kite, or run and fire at their enemies while they're slowed down. Using mines, grenades, caltrops, or steel-jawed traps are just a few of the ways that Demon Hunters soften up their prey. Finally, a Demon Hunter uses battle tactics like hamstring arrows or entangling bolas to debuff and slow enemies, making them more vulnerable to the DH's attacks.

How You Play A Demon Hunter: Demon Hunters are the only class in the game with two different resources: Hatred and Discipline. Hatred is the resource which is available for a Demon Hunter's offensive skills and it regenerates quickly. Discipline on the other hand is the resource available for defensive maneuvers and traps and it regenerates very slowly.
Therefore, to successfully play a Demon Hunter you have to carefully balance how you generate and spend your Discipline in order to not only ensure survival, but also to kill demons as efficiently as possible. 

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide: Double the Crossbows, Double The Fun

Demon Hunter Equipment: Like all of the classes in Diablo 3, the Demon Hunter gets their own types of one-of-a-kind equipment including hand crossbows, quivers, and cloaks. Hand crossbows are "quick-reloading, fast-firing ranged weapons" that the Demon Hunter can actually dual wield. Double the hand crossbows, double the fun, as they say. The Demon Hunter's quiver contains mystic properties that allows the DH to fire faster. Finally, as every class needs a stylish flair, Demon Hunters can equip cloaks which not only provide chest protection, but allow them to move acrobatically while defending themselves against their foes.
Demon Hunter Skills: Demon Hunters have 23 available skills in total in Diablo 3 which are divided in to three different types: Offense, Discipline, and Utility skills. Whereas other classes have skills that feel like they could be interchanged in to any tree, the Demon Hunter's three types of skills are all very distinct. The Offensive skills generally cost between 5 and 60d while also dealing damage. There are a good variety of high damage skills as well as utility skills within the Hatred Generators, and it will be up to your personal playstyle to choose which skills will be the best for you.

Discipline skills are all of the Demon Hunter's defensive maneuvers. These skills will allow you to use traps and turrets, summon companions, or even vault of harm's way. These are non-direct spells that generally help protect your Demon Hunter while dealing out some damage to foes in the process.

Like all of the other Diablo 3 classes, Demon Hunters can only have six skills active at a time. You start out with two active skills at level one and you unlock the ability to use an extra skills at levels 6, 12, 18, and 24. Demon Hunters also get their choice to equip a passive skill at levels 10, 20, and 30.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide: Double the Crossbows, Double The Fun

In the Diablo 3 beta all characters can only level up to 13 so you only get access to a few skills. Plus, all of the enemies are so tuned down that all of the spells do massive damage. Keep in mind that this will undoubtedly change when the game is released but for now, as you're making your way through the Diablo 3 beta, there are a few skills for the Demon Hunter that are a bit more potent than others.

  • Hungering Arrow: Unlocked at level 2, Hungering Arrow is a magically imbued arrow that seeks out targets and deals 115% weapon damage to them, with a 60% chance to pierce through targets. It costs 15 Hatred. I liked this skill a lot because it was sort of a homing arrow, and no matter which direction I aimed, it would always find a target to kill.
  • Chakram: Unlocked at level 7, Chakram costs 15 Hatred to use. It sends a Chakram towards enemies, dealing 150% weapon damage to any enemies that it hits along its path. It's basically a huge swirling ninja star of death that deals tons of damage and looks very cool in the process. Getting a good angle to send out the Chakram is fun, and watching it impale multiple enemies at once is awesome.
  • Caltrops: Unlocked at level 2, Caltrops costs 8 Discipline and the skill allows you to lay a trap of caltrops on the ground that slows enemies by 65% once activated. This skill is a great way to slow enemies down so that you can get as far away as possible and deal damage to them while they can't catch up to you. With this kiting method, you can solo just about any enemy in the Diablo 3 beta.

What's great about the Demon Hunter is that because they're adept with both ranged weapons as well as traps and explosives, is that you can choose the way that best compliments your playstyle and set your Demon Hunter up in that way. Balancing your Hatred and Discipline might be somewhat difficult when you first start with the class, but eventually it makes sense and once it does using both types of skills pays off.

Passive Demon Hunter Skills: In the Diablo 3 beta you can only equip one passive skill after you get to level 10. Your choices at level 10 are Brooding and Thrill of the Hunt. At level 12 Vengeance unlocks, while at level 13 you get access to Steady Aim. Passive Skills are just that: abilities that you don't have to cast but grant passive advantages to your Demon Hunter.

The passive skill Brooding gives you 2% of your maximum health back per second as long as you haven't taken any damage in the last five seconds. Thrill of the Hunt makes your attacks immobilize your target for three seconds once every ten seconds. Vengeance allows you to gain ten Hatred, one Discipline, and increases your maximum Hatred by 50 for ten seconds whenever you eat a health globe. Finally, Steady Aim increases your damage by 10% as long as there are no enemies within ten yards of you.
As you might have guessed by reading my other Diablo 3 beta guides, I always go for the passive skills that give me special bonuses if I eat a health globe because they're so plentiful in the beta. Therefore, I definitely went for the Vengeance passive skill for my Demon Hunter. Increasing my Hatred by 50 every time I ate one allowed me to spam a lot of Hatred Spender skills and deal a ton of damage to my enemies. I also just love the Steady Aim passive skill in general. I think that it will make players play the Demon Hunter how Blizzard intends for the class to be played, and that's brilliant game design in my opinion. 

For my Demon Hunter's Active skills I chose a mix between Hatred Generators, Spenders, and Discipline spells (what a surprise!). My staple Hatred Generators were Hungering Arrow and Evasive Fire, which shoots enemies for 115% weapon damage and if an enemy is at close range you back flip away 15 yards. This mix of Hatred Generation was strong enough to take out enemies out quickly, and then I'd spend my Hatred on Chakram which could rip through packs of foes quickly. Finally, I used Vault as my Discipline skill to both get away from enemies quickly, as well as a way to stylishly get from one pack to the next. In sticky situations I'd throw down a caltrop trap, but in general I didn't need to do this too much. 

At this moment, like the Monk, the Demon Hunter seems as if it's one of the more skill-based classes coming to Diablo 3. You really have to focus on balancing your Hatred and Discipline in order to use your skills, and it will be interesting to see how different types of players utilize the Demon Hunter. Not only that, but a lot of the Demon Hunter's skills will be more beneficial for those people who strategize more with class, lay traps, etc., rather than those who just run into every situation with their crossbows out.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide: Double the Crossbows, Double The Fun

What do you think of the Demon Hunter in the Diablo 3 beta so far? Let me know in the comments below, and tell me how you set up your Demon Hunter's skills if they're different than the ones that I used. Also be sure to check out our Diablo 3 Beta Witch Doctor Guide, Diablo 3 Beta Wizard Guide, and our Diablo 3 Beta Monk Guide for everything you want to know about the other Diablo 3 classes.

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Diablo 3 Beta Demon Hunter Guide: Double the Crossbows, Double The Fun


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