Bit.Trip Complete Features Unique Storytelling And Retro Sensibilities


Posted September 27, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Bit.Trip Complete

Bit.Trip Complete comes with six full games that comprise of a mix between modern rhythm games, retro sensibilities, and abstract storytelling. While the game is punishingly difficult, it also features some of the most unique audio and visuals that we've seen on the Nintendo Wii.

"Each Bit.Trip title utilizes a different set of mechanics, though they're all tied together through simple controls, surreal blocky graphics, catchy chiptune soundtracks, and rhythm-based gameplay. Beat and Flux bookend the series with variations of Pong. By holding the controller horizontally and tilting it back and forth, you move your paddle up and down as it deflects incoming projectiles -- called beats -- in sync with the soundtrack. The types of projectiles vary, as they bounce and alter their speed and trajectory in peculiar color-coded patterns."

Be sure to read our entire Bit.Trip Complete review to find out if this retro-arcade rhythm game is for you.

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Bit.Trip Complete Features Unique Storytelling And Retro Sensibilities


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