Dead Space 3 Story Details Slip Out?


Posted September 27, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

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Dead Space 3 was seemingly outed last week when B-roll video from Electronic Arts' Redwood Shores campus briefly glimpsed what appeared to be an early logo and concept art from the in-development game. The news was little more than confirmation of something most of us figured was true anyway, but that's not the case with what we're hearing today.

An EA insider has come clean to Siliconera with a rough synopsis of the game's setup, and a smidge of information about a possible new antagonist in the planned sequel. Or, more likely, an evolution of the Necromorphs as we've so far come to know them.

Isaac Clarke's next adventure will apparently unfold on the icy planet of Tau Volantis, bringing the bulk of the game's narrative to a terrestrial environment for the first time (the first Dead Space briefly visited a planet's surface). At some early point, Isaac will crash land on the planet and fight through blizzard-like conditions to a nearby waystation.

He encounters an injured survivor there who informs Isaac that there are others still alive, and that they've left for a nearby facility. One of those characters is Ellie, who you might remember from the first game. Isaac eventually reconnects and then travels with Ellie and Jennifer, a new character, to the top of a mountain for reasons that aren't clear.

Jennifer is described by Siliconera as a "tech type" with plans to reverse engineer the work of the Rosetta research group as she tries to unlock the secrets of a codex. The source also notes that EA is referring to the game's enemies as "the hive mind."

Source: Siliconera

Dead Space 3 Story Details Slip Out?


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