Gears of War 3 Horde Mode Guide; The Best Ways To Survive All 50 Waves


Posted September 22, 2011 - By Adam Rosenberg

Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 Guide; The Best Ways To Survive All 50 Waves

Having trouble surviving all 50 waves with your friends in the Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 Mode? Well, it's time to read our helpful Gears 3 Horde Mode guide and beat those nasty boss battles. Learn everything you need to know from tips on beating wave bosses to taking advatage of the maps. After you read our Horde 2.0 Mode guide, you and your friends will be reaching the last wave in no time.

Once you know the basic mechanics of Gears of War 3's Horde 2.0, you can start thinking about how to employ some more advanced tactics. When you first start a game, the timer counting down to the beginningof round one will not begin until a command post is purchased. Use this time to familiarize yourself with the layout of the map and locations of its various pickups. Think strategically when you buy your first command post. Consider this area to be your "home base" for the duration of the Horde session.

Learn more on how to survive Horde Mode 2.0 after the break.

You'll want to eventually buy other posts as well, but not until the later rounds. High-ground locations with good views of the battlefield and few points of entry are the ideal you're looking for. Also look for the map's most powerful weapon spawns -- stuff like the One-Shot and the Hammer of Dawn -- as these are also often good locations to defend from.

Consider how well you can defend a particular area around a command post and what your escape routes are. You'll need them. 

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The temptation is high to spend your money freely as you earn it, the better to level up and unlock new fortification options. Resist the urge. The first nine rounds are cake; you shouldn't have any trouble getting through them without spending anything more than the initial command post cost. The first boss round might test you, but fortifications more often than not end up being meaningless with most bosses.

The more you spend in the early rounds on buying and repairing fortifications, the less you'll have in the later rounds when you'll really need it. Leveling up what you can buy in this mode relates to dollar figures spent rather than number of times interacted with, so you really don't have to worry about missing out on that sweet, sweet experience gain. You just delay it for the betterment of the team.

Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 Guide

Go as long as you can without buying anything -- if the entire team dies, you'll be able to restart from that round with any money you've earned in the previous rounds, up to and including the one you died on, intact. You lose $100 anytime you go down, for a max possible loss of $300 per round (you're out for the rest of the round with your third down). Fully dead players have the option of buying back in -- a figure that increases with each set of 10 waves -- but remember that we're trying to save money and, again, resist the urge.

Provided you can make it through the first 20 rounds with only a minimal number of fortifications purchased, your team should have plenty of money available to really bulk up your home base for the remaining 30 rounds. Players can gift money to one another by left trigger targeting a teammate up close and press the B button when the prompt appears (weapons can also be swapped in this way as well). 

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 The only exception to the "don't spend money early" rule is ammo, and the occasional weapon if a boss necessitates it (more on that below). Your ammo for basic loadout weapons (ie machine guns and shotguns) will replenish somewhat after each round, but never refilling more than half that weapon's max capacity. If a round is nearly over and you're thinking about buying some more ammo, wait for it to end first so you can take advantage of the free bullets.

Bosses screw everything up. In addition to fighting a standard wave of many, many enemies, you're also dealing with the game's bigger threats. Gunkers are what you want to see; these artillery units can be devastating if you're not careful, or if you get too close (seriously-- don't get close), but they are fully susceptible to all weapons fire. Reavers are similarly welcome for the same reasons, though they move a lot more quickly than Gunkers and use more direct-fire tactics with their machine guns and rocket launchers.

Berserkers are actually pretty easy too, provided you know how to handle them. In their natural state, these guys are impervious to your bullets. Kiss them with a little spout of flame from a Scorcher and they'll catch fire, which also makes them vulnerable to your weapons. A careful, ammo-conversing player could easily bring down a round's worth of Berserkers with a full Scorcher a teammates who are ready on the trigger. It takes very little flame to set one of these bosses alight, so take it easy if you're the one throwing flames. 

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Savage Corpsers can be a pain, but a manageable one. Shoot them anywhere in their soft white bits, including (and especially) the head, when opportunity allows. Like many of the bosses, a single One-Shot hit is an instant kill for these.

Brumaks are more problematic. They're huge, and those wrist-mounted machine guns can lay waste to your team from across any map with open sight lines. And I haven't even mentioned the rocket volleys yet. Sustained fire is key. To the face (eyes). To the wrist-mounted weapons. To the explosive canisters on its back. Especially that last one, if you can flank it effectively.

Brumaks may be one of the largest and most terrifying enemies you can encounter in the campaign, but they're nothing in Horde 2.0 when compared to the Lambent Berserker. These things, in a word, suck. They have just one weak point, in the middle of their chest. While any weapon can deal damage out right there, the glowing yellow weak spot is guarded most of the time by a closed ribcage which pops open only when the creature is charging you or right after it charges.

A good rule of thumb with all bosses is to do your best to clear out the little guys, everything from Drones to Boomers and Serapedes, before taking on the boss(es). Circle the map as a group if you must, and keep your distance from the biggest threats whenever possible. Patience and teamwork are important in Horde 2.0, but even moreso during these boss fights.

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Gears of War 3 Horde Mode Guide; The Best Ways To Survive All 50 Waves


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