Tokyo Game Show 2011

Feedback -- Gears Of War 3 And Tokyo Game Show


Posted September 21, 2011 - By Nikole Zivalich

This week on Feedback Adam "Eggplant" Sessler welcomes Mike "Mandate" Leffler, Kevin "Filler" Kelly and special guest Jessica "Kidnapped" Chobot.

Tokyo Game Show recently wrapped up. Our panel of experts detail all the major announcements from Japan's E3. And while on the subject of TGS, everyone reminisced about their favorite Tokyo Game Show memories. This part of the show consisted of glazed donuts, vans covered in plastic, kidnapping and phallic eggplants.

Other news topics included Sony's new EULA agreement additions and Netflix's plan to get into video game rentals.

Gears of War 3 was the game of the week. Maybe you've heard of it? Adam and co. dissects the game from Single player, Horde 2.0, Beast and Multiplayer.


Feedback -- Gears of War 3 Impressions & Best Moments At Tokyo Game Show »

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Feedback -- Gears Of War 3 And Tokyo Game Show


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