Super Smash Bros. Universe Title Leaked?


Posted September 21, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Super Smash Bros. Universe Title Leaked?

We've known since E3 that a Super Smash Bros. game is in development for the upcoming WiiU system, but a recent leak (or fake) suggests the name of the game will be "Super Smash Bros. Universe."

The source is a supposedly leaked design document that you see above. A translation of the blurry text reportedly points to  third-party support (hinting at the possible inclusion of more characters like Sonic and Snake), and the abolishing of tripping a/k/a "prat-falling" (a game mechanic that has characters sometimes falling over when dashing), as well as more speed for Samus in the new game.

The provenance of this document is shady, and Nintendo is saying "No comment," so there's no indication of whether it's real or not... still, it's hard to imagine anyone would have enough time on his or her hands to create such a document, but I've been wrong on this very point before. I should learn to never underestimate the amount of time people on the internet will spend to create fake documents. Anyway, until there's a definite word, take this news with a grain of Internet-salt (tm).

As for the official take on the game, here's what SSB creator Masahiro Sakurai said back in June, when asked about the new Smash Bros:

"Right now, we're devoting all our manpower to working on Kid Icarus... We've got no plans whatsoever -- we've got two new games out in the open when there's no extra time to work with them at all. It makes me cringe, and I'm not sure it's the smartest thing to make gamers wait for several years, but the early announcement was made chiefly in order to attract new team members."

Source: 1Up

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Super Smash Bros. Universe Title Leaked?


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