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Blades of Time Tokyo Game Show Impressions

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Posted September 19, 2011 - By Dan Fasulo

Blades of Time

Konami's new action/adventure title Blades of Time may be flying under-the-radar, but that doesn't mean it isn't shaping up to be a solid game. Check out our preview from the Tokyo Game Show 2011.

"Besides the FPS elements, this all sounds like a pretty pedestrian 3D hack-n-slasher so far. But there were some interesting bits that Fujii was keen to emphasize. The first was Ayumi’s dash skill. Ayumi has unlimited use of a speedy dashing attack that she can use to close in the distance between herself and a foe, or use as a means to travel between one location to the next. We saw this demonstrated when strange, ethereal pillars appeared in the sky in our snow-covered trial stage. With a few button presses, Ayumi had locked onto the objects and was dashing between them, allowing her to reach an area tha was previously inaccessible. Fujii also highlighted another clever stage design that focused heavily on the dashing mechanic."

Read the rest of our Blades of Time Preview to find out what Konami has in store.

Blades of Time Tokyo Game Show Impressions


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