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Soul Calibur 5's Producer Hisaharu Tago Speaks


Posted September 19, 2011 - By Guest Writer

Soul Calibur 5 Announced By Namco Bandai -- Get Ready To Fight In 2012

At the Tokyo Game Show this week, Heidi Kemps got the chance to sit down and speak with Soul Calibur 5's producer Hisaharu Tago about some of the fan trepidation surrounding system changes and the jump in time. Check out the interview below.

G4: Recently there was a preview with a very famous player named Kayane, who shared her impressions of the game and showcased some of the system changes. There was something of a backlash among longtime SC fans to some of these alterations, however. Do you think they might be jumping the gun, or do you think their concern is warranted?

Tago: I think people are focusing too much on changes to individual systems. If you look at the overall picture, everything is being done to create a more balanced experience overall. There will be differences, yes. I feel that the game is a fine product and a competitive, balanced game, so I don’t think there should be anything for players to worry too much about.

G4: The game is set 17 years after Soul Calibur 4, yet it seems as though a lot of the returning cast has barely aged. Was this a conscious decision to keep the designs in line with fan expectations?

Tago: It’s a bit difficult to explain fully, but in the story, the Soul Edge makes people become evil. When this evil power overtakes them, they don’t age. So that’s the official story explanation.

G4: Personally, I’m a little disappointed I can’t play as old lady Ivy. That would have been really interesting. *laughs*

Tago: Yeah, she hasn’t aged because she has a shard of the Soul Edge inside of her. A few other characters also share her fate. A few other characters have aged up, though – Mitsurugi’s in his 40s now, and Hilde is in her 30s. You might see some other older characters eventually, too…

G4: A tradition for each Soul Calibur release is to have not only guest characters, but alternate costumes and characters designed by famous artists. Will this be happening again in SC5? Is it possible to give any details yet?

Tago: I can’t say too much just yet, unfortunately. We are definitely interested in doing collaborations with other companies, however – we’re already working with CyberConnect2 on the story. It’s something we feel we should do. Sadly, we can’t give out the details just yet. But it’s something to look forward to!

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Soul Calibur 5's Producer Hisaharu Tago Speaks


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