Want To Get A Video Game Job? Apply Here To Get Started!


Posted March 20, 2012 - By Kevin Kelly

Want To Get A Video Game Job? Apply Here To Get Started!

Want to get a video game job? I'm sure you do. All week long G4 University has been bringing you feature stories and video about landing your dream job in the gaming industry. Now, it's time for you to put all of that knowledge to work and start applying for jobs. To make it easier, we've put together a list of links to the career pages of many top video game companies These include everything from publishers to developers, all the way up to Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Take the time to craft a brief but well-written cover letter, make sure your resume is in order, and start applying! We're hoping you land your dream career at some point, and if you get a job somewhere please let us know. Who knows, we might be interviewing you about your upcoming game right here on G4!

Activision (Arkansas, British Columbia, California, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ontario, Quebec, Texas, Wisconsin) 

Atari (California, New York) 

ATLUS (California)

Bethesda Softworks LLC (Maryland) 

Bioware (Austin, Edmonton, Ireland, Montreal, San Francisco)

Blizzard Entertainment (California, Texas) 

Capcom Entertainment, Inc. (California, Toronto)

City Interactive (New York, London, Frankfurt, Ontario) 

Crytek (Frankfurt, Kiev, Budapest, Sofia, Seoul, Nottingham) 

Deep Silver (Planegg/München, Hampshire, Rottenmann, Italy, Switzerland, Paris, California, Madrid)

Disney Interactive Studios (California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington)

Electronic Arts (California, Utah, Virginia, Florida, Edmonton, Montreal, Burnaby, Guildford, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Bucharest, Galway, Hyderabad, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, Pandemic, Melbourne) 

Epic Games, Inc. (North Carolina, Warsaw, Utah, Tokyo) 

Irrational Games (Boston, MA)

Konami Digital Entertainment (California, Nevada, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, Australia) 

LucasArts (Singapore, California, Vancouver) 

Majesco Entertainment (New Jersey) 

Microsoft (Washington, California, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Norway, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, France, United Kingdom, Japan, China, India) 

Nintendo (Numerous States, Japan)

Sony Computer Entertainment America (Numerous States)

Sony Online Entertainment (Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, Washington)

Square Enix, Inc. (El Segundo, CA)

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (New York)

Rockstar (New York, CA)

Rockstar (San Diego, CA)

2K Games (California)

Telltale Games (San Rafael, CA)

THQ (Austin, Texas, Carlsbad and Agoura Hills, California)

Ubisoft Entertainment (Cary, North Carolina and San Francisco, CA)

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc. (Burbank, California)

Want To Get A Video Game Job? Apply Here To Get Started!


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