Working As A Video Game Tester: Will Work For Games


Posted September 12, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

Getting into the video game industry as a tester is often where many people start. But in all honesty, it's like playing multiplayer with your buddies for eight hours a day. Instead, you're often playing the same level over and over, trying to break through the map, searching for bugs, and keeping your eyes peeled for what could be wrong. 

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In a past segment of X-Play, we visited the inner working of the now-defunct Pandemic Studios where associate designer Ali Zandi talks about testing games and the work and hours that go into it. While Pandemic is sadly not still around, the work that goes into being a tester remains the same. Listen to Zandi explain the job while you steel your nerves and consider this approach.

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Working As A Video Game Tester: Will Work For Games


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