Professor Mike Capps From Epic Games Tells You How To Break Into The Game Industry: G4U


Posted September 12, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

Mike Capps isn't just the president at Gears of War powerhouse Epic Games, he's also a bonafide professor. In fact, while he taught at the Naval Postgraduate School, he was also the producer, designer, and lead programmer on America's Army. Here, he holds class and gives you frank advice about getting a job in the video game industry.

How To Get A Job In Videogames: Mike Capps From Epic Games »

Namely, get out there and create your own games! He encourages you to use the free Unreal Development Kit and to get your hands dirty by making your own games with a passion. There are plenty of other free tools out there that will allow you to do the same thing, so assemble your own team, and see if you have what it takes to build a game from scratch.

Keep your browser tuned to G4 all week as we keep bringing you G4 University, and at the end of the week we'll have a guide for you that rounds up all of the information, and gives you the perfect places to start looking, along with some helpful tips. 

Professor Mike Capps From Epic Games Tells You How To Break Into The Game Industry: G4U


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