Senior Video Game Tester From Gears of War 3: Will Work For Games


Posted September 12, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

Gears of War 3

is one of the mosy highly anticipated video games coming out this holiday season, and one of the starting points for people in the games industry is often the role of Video Game Tester. G4 University ventures out into the trenches where the work is happening, and we spoke to Epic Games' Senior Game Test Manager Prince Arrington, and he talks about what that job entails. See? Playing games for work can be a reality. 

Will Work For Games: Gears of War 3 »

Want to work for Epic and play a part in their next game? Check out their job listings and start brushing up on your resume, and keep your browser on G4 University all week long.

Senior Video Game Tester From Gears of War 3: Will Work For Games


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