Limited Edition Guild Wars 2 Charr Plushie Now Available At The Penny Arcade Store


Posted September 8, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Limited Edition Guild Wars 2 Charr Plushie Now Available At The Penny Arcade Store

ArenaNet has announced the sale of a limited edition ferociously furry Charr plushie from Guild Wars 2. The plushie is named Charrlie (how cute is that!?) and he's available exclusively through the Penny Arcade Store for $34.99.  For a detailed history written by ArenaNet on the Charr race, and why they are so incredibly awesome, check after the break.

Enter: The charr

The feline charr of Tyria are a voraciously victorious race challenged mainly by their own successes.  Over the years they have survived defeat, oppression, and civil war, and returned, reconquered and rebuilt their original homes with even greater vigor. Their mighty fortress, the Black Citadel, dominates the surrounding ruins of the human city of Rin, and their non-magical technology is the most powerful in the land… Yet despite their success, they are challenged by divisions amongst their people, the power of the Elder Dragons, and the lingering ghosts of their own victories.

This, then, is their story…

An ancient race, the charr made the open lands east of the Shiverpeaks their home for many long years before the arrival of the humans. They were driven from Ascalon and thereafter engaged in a centuries-long war with the humans, their efforts stymied by the power of the human gods and technology.  However, they rallied and eventually invaded the human nations. Distant human city of Kryta resisted their incursions, but both Orr and Ascalon ultimately chose destruction rather than fall before the charr.

The charr paid for their success dearly, for the old High Legions (Ash, Blood, Iron) were put under the yoke of the Flame Legion, who researched forbidden magic and worshipped dark, false gods. The Flame Legion, drunk with power, subordinated charr females who had previously been equals to their males. As the war lengthened, each success was attributed to the inherent rightness of the Flame Legion’s crusade and each failure an excuse for sacrifice for the good of the Flame Legion’s Shamans.

In the end, the charr took Ascalon, but its maddened human king chose to invoke his own dark magic: the Foefire, which stripped the souls of his population from their bodies and left them to eternally guard their land. The Flame Legion had succeeded in their quest, but in doing so condemned the charr to an eternal insurrection. 

As time wore on, the disgraced charr females rebelled against the rulership of the Flame Legion, gathering with them rebel factions from the other legions to aid their cause. The rebellion’s leader, Kalla Scorchrazor, won the support of the Iron Legion Imperator, and the Iron, Blood, and Ash legions joined the rebellion fully. A great battle ensued, with charr legions clashing on the battlefield in a civil war no one could ever forget. In time, the Flame Legion’s shamans were cast down, and the three legions regained control of the fate of the charr people. The Iron Legion, for its part, took control of Ascalon.

Since that time, the charr have fought on multiple fronts. They hold Asaclon against eternal and unliving ghastly foes. The Flame legion is bowed but not broken, and plots to regain control of the race. The humans hold out in the distance fortress of Ebonhawke. And most recently, a great Elder Dragon, Kralkatorrik, has scarred Ascalon with a great Dragon Brand. Yet despite the challenges, the charr remain a potent force east of the Shiverpeaks, and ruling masters of Ascalon.

The Triumph of the Charr

Despite all the challenges, both internal and external, facing the charr they have managed to prosper in Ascalon. The great shards of the Searing are now surrounded by grass and young trees, and the rolling hills of the former kingdom, once blasted to twisted wreckage by war, is now covered with lush flora and used to raise herds of meat animals to feed the Legions. The iron-shod encampments of the legions dot the landscape as their population flourishes and grows in these prosperous times.

With such a long history of conflict and strife, the charr are the most militarily and technologically advanced race in Tyria. Their rifles and pistols are among the most finely made, and their forging technology is superior to that of even the ancient and legendary dwarves. Individual craftsmen may produce better weapons, but on a mass production scale, no other group holds a candle to the mighty charr arsenals. While their military might is impressive, not all of their advancement involves weapons – they also make some of the finest clockwork and spring-driven devices in Tyria.

The charr face their opponents as they have always faced them – united in purpose, based upon the solid of foundation of their warbands and the ruthless efficiency of their leadership. They have triumphed over internal dissension and external threat, have retaken their ancestral lands, and face the world as one of the strongest and most energized races in Tyria…

And there you have it! Are you going to be adopting a new Charr form the PA store? I have one and he is just adorable, and scary.

Guild Wars 2 is coming out exclusively for the PC.

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Limited Edition Guild Wars 2 Charr Plushie Now Available At The Penny Arcade Store


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