X-Play's PAX Prime Coverage Begins Tonight!

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Posted September 6, 2011 - By Mike D'Alonzo

X-Play's PAX Prime Coverage Begins Tonight!

Tonight on X-Play, we head back to the Pacific Northwest to show you what went on at last month's PAX Prime 2011, where you'll get some protips on PAX cosplay from Kristin Adams, get a look at the top indie games from the show with Blair Herter, and go On Location with Sucker Punch honcho Nate Fox in their Bellvue, WA studios.

But that's not all! The rest of this week will also be dedicated to X-Play's PAX Prime 2011 coverage, as Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb take you inside the first-ever Halo Fest, and get a look at Borderlands 2. We also bring you the sights, the sounds, and the magic of late summer in Seattle. You won't want to miss it.

X-Play's PAX Prime coverage premieres tonight @ 6:30PM ET, and continues Wednesday, September 7th, and Thursday, September 8th, also @ 6:30PM.

Also, for G4tv.com's comprehensive PAX Prime 2011 coverage, don't forget to visit our PAX Prime 2011 headquarters!

X-Play's PAX Prime Coverage Begins Tonight!


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